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Organizational Change and Development

Organizational Change and Development

  • Kumkum Mukherjee
  • Author: Kumkum Mukherjee
    • ISBN:9788131773420
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131773426
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    • Pages:216
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
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    The area of organizational development and change has undergone rapid changes over the last few years, both locally and in the global arena. Organizational Change and Development has tried to encapsulate and present the important concepts and practices that have emerged in the recent times. Indian case studies and examples have been incorporated to enable students to understand, appreciate and relate to the theories stated in the book. In addition to discussing in detail the primary forces of change, specific steps of organizational development and intervention strategies have also been elaborately dealt with.

    Table of Content

    Chapter 1: Understanding Organizations
    Chapter 2: Organizational Effectiveness and Change
    Chapter 3: Organizational Culture and Climate
    Chapter 4: Conflict and Negotiation in Organization
    Chapter 5: Management of Group Processes
    Chapter 6: Leadership and Change
    Chapter 7: Power and Politics
    Chapter 8: Process of Employee Empowerment
    Chapter 9: Management of Diversity Including Gender Issues and Cross-cultural Dynamics
    Chapter 10: Organizational Change
    Chapter 11: Organization Development
    Chapter 12: Agents for Organization Development
    Chapter 13: Organization Development and Its Steps
    Chapter 14: Different OD Intervention Strategies

    Salient Features

    • Opening Case at the start of each chapter initiates the reader into the particular area of study
    • Learning Objectives help to comprehend the aim of the chapter
    • Features like "Managers' Essence" portray real-time scenarios
    • Concept Check and Interactive Exercises will engage the reader in active learning
    • Definitions and important concepts presented prominently to help in developing clear understanding
    •  Glossary at the end of the chapter for a quick recapitulation of the concepts in the chapter
    •  Review questions at the end of the chapter offers a self check of the understanding