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Longman Vistas (Non CCE) 8: Integrated Social Siences, 2/e

Longman Vistas (Non CCE) 8:  Integrated Social Siences,  2/e

  • Vipul Singh
  • Anuradha Mukherjee
  • Jasmine Dhillon
  • Author: Vipul Singh
    • ISBN:9788131774328
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131774325
    • Price:Rs. 430.00
    • Pages:316
    • Imprint:Longman
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available
    • With   CD


    Longman Vistas 6-8 CCE Edition is an integrated Social Sciences series for classes 6 to 8, based on the latest National Curriculum Framework for School Education as well as the CCE guidelines. The books introduce young learners to historical events that have significantly influenced and shaped our thought and society. they make the learners aware of the physical as well as human aspects of our environment, and they create a clear understanding of the relationship of the individual with the society.

    The content is graded as per the latest NCERT guidelines and presented in an attractive layout. Maps, images and figures supplement the text and in-box descriptions of a few subtopics facilitate deeper understanding. By incorporating situations and examples from the learner's familiar surrounding, he/she is given ample scope to construct his/her own learning. The emphasis is on concept-building rather than rote-learning, and on making learning fun as well as effective.

    The exercises have been structured very carefully in order to assess students on myriad skills. There are subjective and objective questions, questions to explore higher order thinking skills, project skills as well as the important life skills.

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