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Case Studies in Consumer Behaviour

Case Studies in Consumer Behaviour

  • Dr. S. Ramesh Kumar
  • Author: Dr. S. Ramesh Kumar
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    Trends associated with consumer behaviour in the emerging Indian context have certain unique aspects. The huge market at the lower economic strata running to several millions of households for fast-moving consumer goods, the vast youth population that makes the market especially attractive to several multinational brands, the growth of luxury markets, the appearance of modern retail outlets in an environment that is still characterized by kirana shops and the enhanced rural patronage of goods and services spanning several categories are just some of the important factors that make the Indian context significantly different from the western markets. Case Studies in Consumer Behaviour adds value to the understanding of these context-specific challenges.

    This case collection on consumer behaviour has been ed based on the rich contextual and conceptual experience of the editor and the insights provided by Professor Paul Beamish of Ivey Business School, who has worked extensively on cases that relate to the Asian context.  The cases provide an opportunity for students to blend theory with practice and understand how consumer behaviour concepts contribute to marketing strategies of brands. The Indian cases added to the collection provide an ethnic touch to the repertoire of issues pertinent to consumer behaviour. The digital era characterized by the social media and smart tablets require a basic understanding of the core concepts that influence consumers and this collection of cases provides the anchor on which several layers of thinking associated with consumer behaviour can be envisaged


    Table of Content

    Case 1 Romantic Rides or Fiery Thrills: Positioning a Motorcycle Brand in the Indian Context
    Case 2 Xylys: Exploring Consumer Perception about Premium Watches in the Indian Context
    Case 3 Super Shampoo Products and the Indian Mass Market
    Case 4 Himalaya Herbal Toothpaste: Category and Brand Involvement in An Emerging Market
    Case 5 www.dhonuk.com—Marketing Art in An Emerging Market
    Case 6 The Importance of Experiential Marketing in Marketing Communications
    Case 7 Ethnic Consumers Consulting
    Case 8 Kraft Foods: The Coffee Pod Launch (A)
    Case 9 Living Arts Centre of Mississauga: Condensed Version
    Case 10 Molson Canadian—The Rant
    Case 11 Logitech: Launching a Digital Pen
    Case 12 The Global Branding of Stella Artois
    Case 13 The Home Depot Canada: Renovating Strategy
    Case 14 Molson Canada: Social Media Marketing
    Case 15 jewellworld.com — Online Jewelry Shopping in China
    Case 16 Future Shop: Retail Customer Research
    Case 17 Exploring Category Benefits for Brand Building: Kaya and the Beauty Care Market

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