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Analog Signals and Systems

Analog Signals and Systems

  • Erhan Kudeki
  • David C munson Jr
  • Author: Erhan Kudeki
    • ISBN:9788131787984
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131787982
    • Price:Rs. 669.00
    • Pages:528
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Analog Signals and Systems by Erhan Kudeki and David C. Munson, Jr. offers a thorough presentation of analog circuit, signal and system analysis techniques by two highly respected authors. This book has been classroom tested for eight years in a sophomore-level course that covers all of the essentials of both circuit analysis and analog signals and systems, leading directly to a junior/senior-level course on digital signal processing. This approach saves time and relates the abstract signals and systems material to circuits used for signal processing. This book focuses on the mathematical analysis and design of analog signal processing using a "just in time" approach - new ideas and topics relevant to the narrative are introduced only when needed, and no chapters are "stand alone."

    Table of Content

    Chapter 0: Analog Signals and Systems- The Scope and Study Plan

    Chapter 1: Circuit Fundamentals

    Chapter 2: Analysis of Linear Resistive Circuits

    Chapter 3: Circuits for Signal Processing

    Chapter 4: Phasors and Sinusoidal Steady State

    Chapter 5: Frequency Response H(ω) of LTI Systems

    Chapter 6: Fourier Series and LTI System Response to Periodic Signals

    Chapter 7: Fourier Transform and LTI System Response to Energy Signals

    Chapter 8: Modulation and AM Radio

    Chapter 9: Convolution, Impulse, Sampling, and Reconstruction

    Chapter 10: Impulse Response, Stability, Causality, and LTIC Systems

    Chapter 11: Laplace Transform, Transfer Function, and LTIC System Response

    Chapter 12: Analog Filters and Low-Pass Filter Design

    Appendix A: Complex Numbers and Functions

    Appendix B: Labs

    Lab 1: RC-Circuits

    Lab 2: Op-Amps

    Lab 3: Frequency Response and Fourier Series

    Lab 4: Fourier Transform and AM Radio

    Lab 5: Sampling, Reconstruction, and Software Radio

    Salient Features

    • Review of circuits in Chapter 1

    • Review of complex numbers which are ideal for students in conjunction with Chapters 1 and 2 (Appendix C)

    • Coverage of both frequency-domain and time-domain approaches

    • Five labs involving simple measurement and/or design projects to give students a taste of how signal and system theory applies in practice