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Customer Relationship Management: Getting It Right!

Customer Relationship Management:   Getting It Right!

  • Judith W. Kincaid
  • Author: Judith W. Kincaid
    • ISBN:9788177581348
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8177581341
    • Price:Rs. 750.00
    • Pages:508
    • Imprint:PH PTR
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    This book tells you how to build a successful CRM program. Starting with a brief review of the state of the marketplace as we entered the 21st century, it provides a working definition of CRM and describes the elements of the total customer experience, focusing on the front-end organizations that directly touch the customer. This book shows you how to identify the elements of CRM that are most important for your organization, how to determine your specific requirements and how to implement the infrastructure necessary to support your top priorities. Kincaid has the book organized around a process that can be used to achieve real results.

    Table of Content

    1. CRM: Is It Right For Your Company?
      1. Commerce in the 21st Century.
      2. The Case for Customer Relationship Management.
      3. What Is CRM?
      4. e-CRM-What's the Difference?
    2. CRM: Planning It Right.
      1. Understanding the Method.
      2. Get Ready: Avoiding Common Barriers.
      3. Get Set: Organizing for Success.
      4. Go! Developing Your CRM Strategy.
      5. Launching a Project.
    3. CRM: Building It Right.
      1. Building Infrastructure Components.
      2. Understanding the Information Component.
      3. Understanding the Process Component.
      4. Understanding the Technology Component.
      5. Understanding the People Component.
      6. Managing the Project.
    4. CRM: Using It Right.
      1. Integrating Components.
      2. Finding the “Right” Customers.
      3. Delivering the Customer Offer.
      4. Evaluating Project Results.
    5. CRM: Keeping It Right.
      1. Managing Quality Information As a Company Asset.
      2. Designing Quality Systems for a Competitive Advantage.
      3. Customer Privacy: Seize Your Opportunity.
      4. CRM: You Got It, Right?

    Salient Features

    • Speaks to both the managerial and technical aspects of CRM and how these components need to interact to be successful.
    • Real case studies, process examples and templates to make it easy to get started and then repeat the small steps.
    • Written by the former Director of CRM for HP, now in business for herself.