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Management Research Methodology

Management Research Methodology

  • K. N. Krishnaswamy
  • Appa Iyer Sivakumar
  • M. Mathirajan
  • Author: K. N. Krishnaswamy
    • ISBN:9788177585636
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8177585630
    • Price:Rs. 720.00
    • Pages:600
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
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    The subject of Management Research Methodology is enthralling and complex. A student or a practitioner of management research is beguiled by uncertainties in the search and identification of the research problem, intrigued by the ramifications of research design, and confounded by obstacles in obtaining accurate data and complexities of data analysis. This book seeks a balanced treatment of all these aspects and blends problem-solving techniques, creativity aspects, mathematical modelling and qualitative approaches in order to present the subject of Management Research Methodology in a lucid and easily understandable way.

    Table of Content

    Part A. Scientific Method in Management Research
    1. Scientific Method
    2. Overview of Research in Management
    Part B. Research Problem
    1. Problem Solving
    2. Formulation of Research Problem
    3. Research Proposal
    Part C. Research Design—Types of Research
    1. Experimental Research
    2. Ex Post Facto Research
    3. Modeling Research I
    4. Modeling Research II—Heuristics and Simulation
    Part D. Research Design for Data Acquisition
    1. Measurement Design
    2. Sample Design
    Part E. Acquisition and Preparation of Research Data
    1. Data Collection Procedures
    2. Data Preparation and Preliminary Data Analysis
    Part F. Data Analysis and Reporting
    1. Hypothesis Testing—Univariate Analysis
    2. Bivariate Analysis and Hypothesis Testing
    3. Analysis of Experimental Data
    4. Multivariate Analysis of Data—Dependence Analysis
    5. Multivariate Analysis of Data II—Interdependence Analysis
    6. Report Writing

    Salient Features

    • Clear explanation of concepts and principles
    • Chapter objectives in each chapter
    • Practice questions and numerical problems in each chapter
    • Selected suggested readings for each chapter
    • Inclusion of special topics like creativity, soft system methodology, mathematical modelling and heuristics programming.
    • Glossary of key terms