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Compiler Construction

Compiler Construction

  • K.V.N. Sunitha
  • Author: K.V.N. Sunitha
    • ISBN:9789332500297
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332500290
    • Price:Rs. 469.00
    • Pages:472
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    Designed for an introductory course, this text encapsulates the topics essential for a freshman course on compilers. The book provides a balanced coverage of both theoretical and practical aspects. The text helps the readers understand the process of compilation and proceeds to explain the design and construction of compilers in detail. The concepts are supported by a good number of compelling examples and exercises.


    Table of Content

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Lexical Analyzer
    Chapter 3: Syntax Definition - Grammars
    Chapter 4: Syntax Analysis—Top-Down Parsers
    Chapter 5: Bottom-Up Parsers
    Chapter 6: Syntax-Directed Translation
    Chapter 7: Semantic Analysis
    Chapter 8: Intermediate Code Generation
    Chapter 9: Symbol Table
    Chapter 10: Code Optimization
    Chapter 11: Code Generation


    Salient Features

    • Covers the concepts of compiler tools, left recursion, factoring and operator precedence in detail
    • Contains a dedicated chapter on top-down parsing, bottom-up parsing, symbol table and code optimization
    • Analyzes the use of conceptual tools such as YACC and LEX
    • Includes questions from GATE examination
    • Provides a unique assortment of 250 examples and 450 end-of-chapter exercises