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Construction Planning and Scheduling

Construction Planning and Scheduling

  • Jimmie W. Hinze
  • Author: Jimmie W. Hinze
    • ISBN:9789332505735
    • 10 Digit ISBN:933250573X
    • Price:Rs. 525.00
    • Pages:264
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
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    Construction Planning and Scheduling, Fourth Edition offers broad coverage of all major scheduling subjects. This comprehensive resource is designed for construction management, planning and scheduling. It follows a logical progression, introducing precedence diagramming early and following with chapters on activity durations, resource allocations, network schedules, and more. It reflects current trends in scheduling (short-interval scheduling, computer scheduling, linear scheduling etc.) and includes chapters on arrow diagramming and PERT. With an eye on application, it includes a unique discussion of contract provisions related to scheduling and incorporates a sample project throughout.

    Table of Content

    1.    Introduction
    2.    Developing a Network Model
    3.    Precedence Diagrams
    4.    Determining Activity Durations
    5.    Time in Contract Provisions
    6.    Resource Allocation and Resource Leveling
    7.    Money and Network Schedules
    8.    Project Monitoring and Control
    9.    Computer Scheduling
    10.  Earned Value: A Means for Integrating Costs and Schedule
    11.  The Impact of Scheduling Decisions on Productivity
    12.  CPM In Dispute Resolution and Litigation
    13.  Short-Interval Schedules
    14.  Linear Scheduling
    15.  PERT: Program Evaluation and Review Technique
    16.  Arrow Diagrams


    Salient Features

    • A major emphasis on precedence diagramming-is a hallmark of the text
    • A chapter devoted to arrow diagramming shows how to perform time calculations with arrow diagrams, represent the relationships between various tasks,    understand the concepts of free float/total float and more
    • Unique discussion of contract provisions related to scheduling
    • Coverage of short-interval scheduling discusses how contractors use short-interval schedules