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Fundamentals of Hydraulic Engineering Systems

Fundamentals of Hydraulic Engineering Systems

  • Robert Houghtalen
  • A. Osman Akan
  • Ned H. C Hwang
  • Author: Robert Houghtalen
    • ISBN:9789332507593
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332507597
    • Price:Rs. 750.00
    • Pages:494
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    This fundamental treatment of engineering hydraulics balances theory with practical design solutions to common engineering problems. The author examines the most common topics in hydraulics, including hydrostatics, pipe flow, pipelines, pipe networks, pumps, open channel flow, hydraulic structures, water measurement devices, and hydraulic similitude and model studies. Chapters dedicated to groundwater, deterministic hydrology, and statistical hydrology make this text ideal for courses designed to cover hydraulics and hydrology in one semester.

    Table of Content

    1.Fundamental Properties Of Water
    2.Pressure And Pressure Forces
    3.Water Flow In Pipes
    4.Pipelines And Pipe Networks
    5.Water Pumps
    6.Water Flow In Open Channels
    7.Ground Water Hydraulics
    8.Hydraulic Structures
    9.Water Pressure, Velocity, And Discharge Measurements
    10.Hydraulic Similitude And Model Studies
    11.Hydrology For Hydraulic Design
    12.Statistical Methods In Hydrology

    Salient Features

    • Examples and homework problems are provided for every major topic covered in the book
    • Many software-friendly topics in hydraulics are provided, reflecting the wide use of software in engineering practice to accelerate and simply the design and  analysis process
    • Use of off-the-shelf software is encouraged throughout.