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Success Can Be Yours

Success Can Be Yours

  • M. S. Rao
  • M. Ganesh Sai
  • M. Ramakrishna Sayee
  • Author: M. S. Rao
    • ISBN:9789332508286
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332508283
    • Price:Rs. 399.00
    • Pages:152
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Success Can Be Yours harmoniously blends success, happiness and leadership, and shows how it can be within the grasp of every person. It helps readers look at life from a positive perspective. Professor M. S. Rao and his two sons, M. Ganesh Sai and M. Ramakrishna Sayee, help readers equip themselves with useful skills, and warn against information overload. The authors present a fine array of sutras for a successful life and emphasize on various perspectives that can help in achieving success. The authors also encourage aspiring leaders to pick up important leadership skills. In order to substantiate their claims, they draw upon leadership styles and leadership research. They show readers how leadership education can minimize mistakes, ensuring leadership effectiveness and success.


    Success Can Be Yours will provide great motivation to students, educators, leaders and

    readers who would like to lead their lives successfully.


    "Insightful, helpful book that is especially needed during these tumultuous times."

    Steve Forbes

    Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media


    "This is a remarkable collection of accumulated wisdom from wide-ranging sources ... Everyone is sure to find some new thoughts and perspectives that will enrich their life."

    Jack Zenger

    Bestselling co-author of The Extraordinary Leader and

    The Extraordinary Coach,

    CEO of Zenger Folkman

    Table of Content

    1.  Everything Is Possible in This World
    2.  Secrets to Your Success 
    3.  Dream Big 
    4.  Unlock Your Potential 
    5.  Pursue Your Passion 
    6.  Set Your Goals 
    7.  Manage Your Time 
    8.  Balance Curricular and Extracurricular Activities 
    9.  Communicate Effectively 
    10.  Speak Confidently
    11.  Acquire Soft and Hard Skills 
    12.  Blend Hard Work and Smart Work and Learn to Network 
    13.  Make Friends 
    14.  Gel Well with Others 
    15.  Manage Your Stress 
    16.  Use Technology Wisely 
    17.  Take Care of Your Health
    18.  Motivate Yourself 
    19.  Face Challenges Squarely
    20.  Eliminate Key Constraints 
    21.  Bounce Back from Failures 
    22.  Reflect Your Thoughts 
    23.  Sharpen Your Saw 
    24.  Don't Have Any Regrets at Your Deathbed
    25.  Learn Leadership 
    26.  Lead Your Life Successfully


    Appendix A—Ben-Shahar's Happiness Model
    Appendix B—Leading Leaders with the Psychology of Environment By Arthur F. Carmazzi
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