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Microprocessors and Multicore systems (JNTU Kakinada)

Microprocessors and Multicore systems (JNTU Kakinada)

  • Lyla B Das
  • Author: Lyla B Das
    • ISBN:9789332517967
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332517967
    • Price:Rs. 350.00
    • Pages:472
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    This book has been designed for the course on Microprocessors and Multicore systems ' offered to CSE Students of JNTU Kakinada. It strives to study the x86 family architecture based on the architecture of the elementary processor, i.e., the 8086. The higher order processors are discussed based on the enhancements, improvements and differences vis-à-vis the basic 8086 as this is the best approach to learning the family architecture and it is followed by students worldwide.

    Book  presents  the concepts in a step-by-step approach, with simplicity of ideas, lucidity of explanations and clarity in presentation.


    Table of Content

    Chapter 0: Computer Arithmetic

    Chapter 1: General Microcomputer Structure, Architecture of 8086
    and 8086 Assembly Language Programming

    Chapter 2: Implementing Program Structures in 8086 Assembly

    Chapter 3:Strings, Procedures, Macros, I/O and Modular

    Chapter 4: Listing of Instructions and Directives, 8086 Hardware
    and Addressing Decoding

    Chapter 5: 8086 Interrupts and Interrupt Applications

    Chapter 6: 8086 Assembly Language Programmes

    Chapter 7: Architecture of 80286, 80386 and 80486 Processors

    Chapter 8:The Pentium Processor Architecture

    Salient Features

    • Tailor made as per latest  syllabus of JNTU Kakinada.
    • Processors like 80286,80386,80486 and Pentium are discussed in detail.
    • Includes Solutions to 2012 latest question papers of JNTU Kakinada.
    • Includes more than 158 Multiple Choice Questions.
    • Contains 173 Review Questions and 120 Exercise Questions.