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Signals, Systems, and Transforms

Signals, Systems, and Transforms

  • Charles L. Phillips
  • Author: Charles L. Phillips
    • ISBN:9789332518490
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332518491
    • Price:Rs. 1009.00
    • Pages:776
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
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    This text provides a clear, comprehensive presentation of both the theory and applications in signals, systems, and transforms. It presents the mathematical background of signals and systems, including the Fourier transform, the Fourier series, the Laplace transform, the discrete-time and the discrete Fourier transforms, and the z-transform. The text integrates MATLAB examples into the presentation of signal and system theory and applications.

    Table of Content

    1          Introduction
    2          Continuous-Time Signals and Systems
    3          Continuous-Time Linear Time-Invariant Systems
    4          Fourier Series
    5          The Fourier Transform
    6          Applications of the Fourier Transform
    7          The Laplace Transform
    8          State Variables for Continuous-Time Systems
    9          Discrete-Time Signals and Systems
    10        Discrete-Time Linear Time-Invariant Systems
    11        The z-Transform
    12        Fourier Transforms of Discrete-Time Signals
    13        State Variables for Discrete-Time Systems
    Appendix A: Solution of Differential Equations  
    Appendix B: Partial-Fraction Expansions  
    Appendix C: Review of Matrices  
    Appendix D: Answers to Selected Problems  
    Appendix E: Signals and Systems References

    Salient Features

    • Over 350 homework problems and over 150 examples
    • Mathematical theory of systems and signals-Relates mathematical theory to practical systems and provides students with motivation as they can readily visualize applications of the theory presented.
    • MATLAB-Integrated into the examples and problems which reinforces students' understanding of concepts by implementing MATLAB examples.
    • Short sections on the bilateral Laplace and z-transforms--Allows instructors to introduce these topics to their class.
    • Repetition of equations referenced--Saves students time by providing an easy reference.
    • Verification of results-Requires that almost all problems' results are verified by an independent procedure; this includes, but is not limited to, MATLAB