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Corporate Governance and Fraud Risk Management in India

Corporate Governance and Fraud Risk Management in India

  • Balvinder Singh
  • Author: Balvinder Singh
    • ISBN:9789332533745
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332533741
    • Price:Rs. 455.00
    • Pages:92
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Corporate Governance and Fraud Risk Management in India presents a thorough examination of corporate frauds in India focusing specifically on promoters, controlling share holders of companies and certain intermediaries. By examining the role of the macroeconomic environment that induces law-abiding citizens to indulge in violations of the law, and by analysing the relationship between policy distortions and weak regulatory and enforcement mechanisms, this book emphasizes the need to shed the general atmosphere of cynicism in order to channel well-thought improvements that will strengthen and reinforce the laws and regulations governing corporate frauds in India.

    While this book will appeal to anyone interested in understanding the nature of corporate governance and fraud risk management in India, it will be especially useful to investigators, forensic auditors, prosecutors, lawyers and judges. Chapters one to ten detail the modus operandi of different kinds of corporate frauds. Chapters eleven and twelve will be useful for policy makers and economists interested in improving corporate governance in India. Bankers will find the analysis of different corporate frauds useful in refining their risk management strategies, specifically in relation to lending. Investors, chartered accountants and investigative journalists will also find this an interesting read.


    Table of Content

    Chapter-1  Corporate Frauds and the Macroeconomic Environment in India

    Chapter-2  Financial Statement Frauds

    Chapter-3  Siphoning off Company's Funds

    Chapter-4  Capital Market Frauds

    Chapter-5  Abuses in Related Party Transactions

    Chapter-6  Frauds by Companies Running Pyramidal Schemes

    Chapter-7  Frauds by Companies Running Collective Investment Schemes

    Chapter-8  Unauthorized and Fraudulent Mobilization of Public Deposits

    Chapter-9  Frauds by Promoters and/or Management of Non-banking Finance Companies

    Chapter-10  Companies as a Tool for Money Laundering

    Chapter-11  Companies Act 1956 and Fraud Risk Management

    Chapter-12  Regulatory Mechanism and Corporate Frauds

    Companies Act 1956—Synopsis

    Companies Act 2013—Synopsis

    Provisions of Companies Act 1956 Relevant to Fraud Risk Management

    New Provisions in the Companies Act 2013 Relevant to Fraud Risk Management

    Securities and Exchange Board of India Act—Synopsis

    Salient Features