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Shakespeare and Class

Shakespeare and Class

  • Shormishtha Panja
  • Manjit S. Singh
  • Author: Shormishtha Panja
    • ISBN:9789332536319
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332536317
    • Price:Rs. 275.00
    • Pages:275
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


    Shakespeare and Class presents a critical analysis of social class, rank and hierarchy in some of William Shakespeare's most significant plays. The essays by various distinguished scholars investigate how Elizabethan England showed a remarkable ability to evolve in their transition from a medieval social setup into a society with distinctive class demarcation among the nobility, clergymen and peasants.

    Table of Content


    1. The Plebeian Elements in the Elizabethan

    Theatre and its Liberties

    2. Shakespeare's Beggars and Vagrants

    3 .The People Enter History

    4. Prospect of Interclass Marriage and the Subaltern Challenge to Hierarchy in The Winter's Tale and The Maid in the Mill

    5 .Phebe's ';leathern hand' and Rosalind's ';white hand':

    Complexion, Class, and Culture Contrasts in As You Like It

    6 .Class, Identity, Marginal Spaces: The Twins in Twelfth Night

    7 .The McDonaldizing of Macbeth: Shakespeare, Class, and Scotland, PA

    8. ';A Woman in Cyprus in Love with Cassio': Performing Sex and Class in Othello

    9 ';Shakespeare and Class': Othello in Mainland Japan and Okinawa

    10 Class in Shakespeare: ';Teach(ing) Differences' with a Difference


    Salient Features

    • Shakespeare and Class introduces instructors and learners to different theoretical positions
    relating to class and order that provide a new dimension to Shakespeare's works

    • This volume will be of great interest to Shakespeare scholars and students of literature