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Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing

  • Diane Martin
  • Author: Diane Martin
    • ISBN:9789332536630
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332536635
    • Price:Rs. 489.00
    • Pages:252
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    A lasting approach to marketing.

    As the engine that drives the global economy, marketing leaves an enormous footprint on the environment and society. To help readers make a lasting impression in their marketing efforts, Martin/Schouten provides the concepts behind valuable—and lucrative—sustainable marketing strategies. 


    Table of Content

    Chapter 1: An Introduction to Sustainable Marketing
    Chapter 2: Sustainable Marketing Strategy
    Chapter 3: Ethical Dimensions of Sustainable Marketing
    Chapter 4: The Marketing Environment and Processes
    Chapter 5: Consumer Behavior and Sustainable Marketing
    Chapter 6: Measurement and Research for Sustainable Marketing
    Chapter 7:  Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning for Sustainability
    Chapter 8: Global Problems, Global Opportunities
    Chapter 9: Sustainable Products and Services
    Chapter 10: Sustainable Branding and Packing
    Chapter 11: Marketing Channels: Sustainability in the Value Chain
    Chapter 12: Sustainable Pricing
    Chapter 13: Sustainable Marketing Communication
    Chapter 14: Sustainability in the Promotion Mix—Methods, Media, and Customer Relationships
    Chapter 15: Digital Media and Sustainable Marketing

    Salient Features

    Applying the theory: Mini-Cases. Help students make the connections to contemporary marketing application and decision-making skills with the mini-cases that are included in every chapter of the text. Examples of these cases include:
    •Urban Growth Boundaries
    •IBM's Real Estate and Site Operations (RESO) Group
    •Stonyfield Farms
    •Bon Appétit Management Company
    •Johnson & Johnson
    Sparking discussion:
    Critical Thinking Activities. These activities, featured in every chapter, help students think about and discuss the tough issues in sustainable marketing practices. Examples include:
    •Can an oil company become sustainable?
    •Calculate your own carbon footprint
    •Talkin' 'bout my generation
    •A balance sheet for human capital
    •Dell and the blogs
    "Think About It" Questions. These though-provoking questions not only help students to think critically, but they also provide instructors with topics to discuss in class. Going beyond: Virtual Field Trips. The Virtual Field Trip feature in this text directs students on where to find more information about sustainability online. Some of the topics for Virtual Field Trips include:
    •Finding the CSR Statements of Well-known Firms Online
    •Patagonia's Footprint Chronicles
    •Digging Deep in the Information Gold Mine
    •Examining Brand Sustainability
    •Starbucks Crowdsourcing