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The x86 Microprocessors: 8086 to Pentium, Multicores, Atom and the 8051 Microcontroller: Architecture, Programming and Interfacing, 2/e

The x86 Microprocessors: 8086 to Pentium, Multicores, Atom and the 8051 Microcontroller:  Architecture, Programming and Interfacing,  2/e

  • Lyla B Das
  • Author: Lyla B Das
    • ISBN:9789332536821
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332536821
    • Price:Rs. 635.00
    • Pages:888
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    This second edition of The x86 Microprocessors has been revised to present the hardware and software aspects of the subject in a logical and concise manner. Designed for an undergraduate course on the 16-bit microprocessor and Pentium processor, the book provides a detailed analysis of the x86 family architecture while laying equal emphasis on its programming and interfacing attributes. The book also covers 8051 Microcontroller and its applications completely.

    Table of Content

    PART I: The x86 Microprocessors
    Chapter 0: Basics of Computer Systems
    Chapter 1: Architecture of 8086
    Chapter 2: Programming Concepts - I
    Chapter 3: Programming Concepts - II:
    Chapter 4: Programming Concepts - III
    Chapter 5: Programming Concepts - IV
    Chapter 6: The Hardware Structure of 8086
    Chapter 7: Memory and I/O Decoding
    Chapter 8: The Interrupt Structure of 8086
    Chapter 9: Peripheral Interfacing - I
    Chapter 10: Peripheral Interfacing - II
    Chapter 11: Peripheral Interfacing - III
    Chapter 12: Semi conductor memory Devices
    Chapter 13: Multiprocessor Configurations
    Chapter 14: Advanced Processors-80286 to Pentium
    Chapter 15: Microarchitectural Techniques of Advanced Processors
    Chapter 16: Multi core processors
    Chapter 17: Beyond Pentium-More advanced processors
    Chapter 18: Atom SoC-Intel's High-end Embedded Processor
    PART II: The 8051 Microcontroller
    Chapter 19: The 8051 Microcontroller: The Programmer's Perspective
    Chapter 20:  Programming the Peripherals of 8051  
    Chapter 21: Interfacing External Peripherals to the 8051
    APPENDIX A:  8086 16-bit HMOS Microprocessor 8086/8086-2/8086-1
    APPENDIX B: Use of DOS and Debug Commands for MASM
    APPENDIX C: Instruction Set and Instruction Timing of 8086
    APPENDIX D: List of DOS and BIOS Functions
    APPENDIX E: 80x87 Instruction Set (x87 — Pentium)

    Salient Features

    • Comprehensive analysis of programming and interfacing of the 8086 processor, with practical examples.
    • Inclusive discussion on the features and enhancements of the 80386, 80486 and Pentium processors
    New to the second edition
    • Architecture of Intel's advanced Atom SoC processor explained in detail
    • Exclusive chapter on Multicore processors
    • Critical evaluation of Intel processors launched after Pentium
    • Three chapters devoted to the essential features of the 8051 Microcontroller
    • A chapter dealing with  advanced  computer architecture
    • Two Online chapters
    ? 80186 -The embedded microprocessors
    ? The x86 base personal computer