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Health Psychology: Concepts in Health and Well-being

Health Psychology:   Concepts in Health and Well-being

  • Manika Ghosh
  • Author: Manika Ghosh
    • ISBN:9789332537620
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332537623
    • Price:Rs. 449.00
    • Pages:468
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available


     Written in a lucid style with in-depth and comprehensive coverage, this book will be ideal for students and teachers of psychology and medicine at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels for all universities in India.

    Introducing readers to a wide variety of concepts and developments in this new and rapidly emerging field, the book:

    • gives a historical perspective of healthcare across different ancient cultures from India to China and from Greece to Rome

    • charts the evolution of health from ancient medicinal schools of thought to modern innovations in theory and practice

    •  encompasses the bio-psychosocial aspects of health and health care with special reference to the Indian context, and also treatment practices of diseases in India

    • takes a close look at modern diseases such as AIDS and obesity

    • examines the role of stress in everyday lives and techniques of managing it

    • looks at chronic diseases, terminal illnesses and mental health issues as well as health behaviour and health promotion

    • discusses new age addictions as well as gender differences in health


    As the prevalence and patterns of physical and emotional disorders are changing in India due to the rapid ongoing social change in the country, it is becoming increasingly important to study the psychological, behavioural and cultural factors that contribute to health and disease. The lucidly written and comprehensive Health Psychology presents the bio psychosocial approach from a truly Indian perspective. Besides students of health psychology, this book will be invaluable for undergraduate and post graduate medical students.

    — Mohan Isaac, Professor of Psychiatry and Consultant Psychiatrist, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Co-Editor, Current Opinion in Psychiatry

    Health Psychology is comprehensive and rich in content. It assumes uniqueness by giving weightage to Eastern perspectives in general and Indian roots in particular. By giving deserving importance to the negative impact of stress on cardiac, respiratory, digestive and other systems in human body, the author has done justice to the subject of Health Psychology. The style of writing, use of narrations, illustrations and discussion on Indian aspects helps the Indian student easily identify with the subject which in turn results in making the reading very interesting and application very easy.

    — Meena Hariharan, Director, Centre for Health Psychology, University of Hyderabad

    Health Psychology: Concepts in Health and Well-being is more than just a textbook for beginners.

    It is comprehensive in its content, with a reader-friendly layout written in a simple style with Indian examples that students can relate to. It strikes an appropriate balance between psychological constructs, behavioural components and their relation to physiology and health.

    — Vijayashri Ravi, Professor, Department of Psychology, Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College,


    Succinctly written, yet introduces the reader to the issues and dilemmas of health psychology in a comprehensive manner. With a lucid style it successfully evokes research interests of the student as well as engrosses the general reader.

    — Updesh Kumar, Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), DRDO, India

    Health Psychology is a timely, well researched body of work covering a wide range of psychological and behavioral correlates of health. It is refreshingly Indian in approach. Not only students of Psychology but all those who are in the profession of health care will treasure it.

    — Romate John, Head, Department of Psychology and, Dean, School of Social and Behavioral

    Sciences Central University of Karnataka

    The basic and technical issues of Health psychology are presented honestly in a manner which could be easily comprehended by any undergraduate student. From this angle it is a desirable addition to the existing field.

    — G.P Thakur, Professor and Head, Dept. of Psychology, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth.

    These chapters provide a very good introduction to Health Psychology. The lucid explanation of technical concepts and apt examples make for interesting and informative reading. Global perspective in the respective areas and encouragement for application based thinking will help in both theoretical and practical understanding.

    — Neeta Tatke, D.G Ruparel College, University of Mumbai.

    The text has been written in simple language and is easy and interesting for any undergraduate student in India to follow and comprehend. It also provides information on the emergence of health care systems in different cultures particularly the eastern perspective, which a student in India has to be familiar with... . The manner in which the text is presented would arouse the curiosity and interest of the student in wanting to know more about the field of Health Psychology.

    — Anuradha Kakodkar, Associate Professor, St. Xavier's College, Goa.


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