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Manhattan ReviewTM: The GRE® Complete Guide, 2e

Manhattan ReviewTM: The GRE® Complete Guide, 2e

  • Manhattan Review
  • Author: Manhattan Review
    • ISBN:9789332537866
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332537860
    • Price:Rs. 499.00
    • Pages:456
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    The second edition has been updated to be a complete and invaluable-resource guide for the GRE aspirants. It presents in-depth coverage of verbal and quantitative sections — their concepts, strategies and tips. Topics are explained with the help of suitable definitions and examples. The practice exercises, tests and short drills along with their detailed explanatory notes will help students in successfully attempting all the questions appearing in the new GRE. This book is an ideal manual for honing ones' critical thinking and analytical writing skills as well.


    Table of Content

    Introduction to the GRE®  Revised General Test


    1. Writing Mechanics for AWA
    2. Analytical Writing
    3. Vocabulary Builder
    4. Sentence Equivalence
    5. Text Completion
    6. Critical Reasoning
    7. Reading Comprehension
    8. Practice Test
    9. Important Word Groups
    10. High Frequency Words
    11. Word List
    12. Roots & Prefixes
    13. Confusing Words
    14. Answer Key and Explanatory Notes


    1. Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning
    2. Arithmetic
    3. Algebra
    4. Word Problems
    5. Geometry
    6. Coordinate Geometry
    7. Data Analysis
    8. Practice Test
    9. Answer Key and Explanatory Notes

    Salient Features

    •         Free two online test worth 20$
    •         Follows the latest examination pattern
    •         Detailed explanatory notes for all questions