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Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity, 4/e

Strategic Brand Management:  Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity,  4/e

  • Kevin Lane Keller
  • Author: Kevin Lane Keller
    • ISBN:9789332542204
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332542201
    • Price:Rs. 849.00
    • Pages:616
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    The fourth edition of Strategic Brand Management offers a comprehensive view of the changing technological, cultural, global, and economic environment that brands face. The book is well-grounded in practice and can be easily related to past and current marketing activities, events, and case studies.

    &bull Science of Branding boxes have been included to provide in-depth treatment of cutting-edge ideas and concepts.

    &bull Each chapter contains a Brand Focus appendix that delves into detail on specific and related branding topics, such as brand audits, legal issues, brand crises, and private labels.

    &bull Numerous in-text examples, highlighting brands such as  Dettol, Colgate, and Jet Airways, have been introduced to illuminate the discussion of virtually every topic, and a series of Branding Brief boxes provide more in-depth examinations of ed topics or brands.

    &bull The text includes engaging visuals that highlight many of the important and interesting concepts and examples from the chapters. Print ads from various Indian companies, such as TCS, ITC, Taj Hotels, and Marico, have been incorporated to illustrate case studies and examples.

    &bull Some of the specific new topics reviewed in depth in this edition include:

    •  Marketing in a recession 

    •  Brand communities

    •  Luxury branding 

    •  Brand characters

    •  Brand personas 

    •  Brand makeovers

    •  Shopper marketing 

    •  Person branding

    •  Social currency 

    •  Brand potential

    •  Brand extension scorecard 

    •  Culture and branding

    •  Brand flashbacks 

    •  Future brand priorities


    Salient Features


    PART I            Opening Perspectives

    Chapter 1        Brands and Brand Management

    PART II           Developing a Brand Strategy
    Chapter 2       Customer-based Brand Equity and Brand
    Chapter 3       Brand Resonance and the Brand Value

    PART III         Designing and Implementing Brand
                              Marketing  Programs
    Chapter 4       Choosing Brand Elements to Build Brand
    Chapter 5       Designing Marketing Programs to Build
                              Brand Equity
    Chapter 6       Integrating Marketing Communications to
                              Build Brand  Equity
    Chapter 7       Leveraging Secondary Brand Associations
                              to Build Brand Equity

    PART IV         Measuring and Interpreting Brand

    Chapter          Developing a Brand Equity Measurement
                              and Management System
    Chapter 9       Measuring Sources of Brand Equity:
                              Capturing Customer Mind-Set
    Chapter 10     Measuring Outcomes of Brand Equity:
                              Capturing Market Performance

    PART V           Growing and Sustaining Brand Equity

    Chapter 11     Designing and Implementing Branding
                               Architecture Strategies
    Chapter 12     Introducing and Naming New Products
                               and Brand Extensions
    Chapter 13     Managing Brands Over Time
    Chapter 14     Managing Brands Over Geographic
                              Boundaries and Market Segments

    PART VI          Closing Perspectives
    Chapter 15     Closing Observations