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IT Strategy

IT Strategy

  • James D McKeen
  • Author: James D McKeen
    • ISBN:9789332543188
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332543186
    • Price:Rs. 539.00
    • Pages:336
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    For undergraduate or graduate courses in IT Strategy or Management.

    Using IT to deliver business value.

    IT Strategy: Issues and Practices provides a critical issues perspective that shows students how to use and manage IT to deliver business value.

    This edition has been overhauled in order to reflect the most important issues facing IT managers today.


    Table of Content

    Section I: Delivering Value with IT
    Chapter 1: Developing and Delivering on the IT Value Proposition
    Chapter 2: Developing IT Strategy for Business Values
    Chapter 3: Communicating with Business Managers
    Chapter 4:  Building a Strong Relationship with the Business
    Chapter 5:  Developing IT Professionalism
    Section I Mini-Cases

    •Delivering Business Value with IT at Hefty Hardware
    •Investing in TUFS
    •IT Planning at ModMeters
    Section II: IT Governance
    Chapter 6:  Information Management: The Nexus of Business and IT
    Chapter 7:  The IT Budgeting Process
    Chapter 8:  Creating and Evolving a Technology Roadmap
    Chapter 9:  Delivering IT Functions: A Decision Framework
    Chapter 10:  IT Sourcing
    Chapter 11:  Application Portfolio Management
    Section II Mini-Cases •Building Shared Services at RR Communications
    •Creating a Process-Driven Organization at AgCredit
    •IT Investment at North American Financial
    Section III: Information-Enabled Innovation
    Chapter 12:  Strategic Experimentation with IT
    Chapter 13:  Enabling Collaboration with IT
    Chapter 14:  Social Computing: How Should it be Managed?
    Chapter 15:  Information Delivery: IT's Evolving Role
    Chapter 16:  Master Data Management
    Section III Mini-Cases •Information Management at Homestyle Hotels
    •Innovation at International Foods
    •CRM at Minitrex
    •Customer Service at Datatronics
    Section IV: IT Capability Management
    Chapter 17:  Developing IT Capabilities
    Chapter 18:  Building Better IT Leaders from the Bottom Up
    Chapter 19:  Managing IT-based Risk
    Chapter 20:  The Identity Management Challenge
    Chapter 21:  Linking IT to Business Metrics
    Section IV Mini-Cases •Leveraging IT Vendors at SleepSmart
    •Project Management at MM
    •Managing Technology at Genex Fuels

    Salient Features

    Mini-Cases. Based on real companies, this text includes twelve mini-cases-four of which are new to this edition-to help students understand how IT management techniques are used in business today. These mini-cases are not abbreviated versions of standard, full-length business cases as they differ in two significant ways:

    •A Horizontal Perspective-These mini-cases take a slice through a number of coexistent issues. Rather than looking for a solution to a specific problem, students must first identify and prioritize the issues, mimicking how real organizations would approach the same challenge.
    •Highly Relevant Information-Unlike standard cases, which intermix irrelevant information, every sentence of these cases has a purpose and reflects relevant information. As a result, students must analyze each case very carefully so as not to miss critical aspects of the situation.

    NEW! Provide the Latest Information: New Chapters. This edition features eight new chapters that focus on current critical issues in IT management, including:
    •Identity management
    •Communicating with business
    •Improving relationships with the business
    •Application portfolio management
    •Managing IT-based risk
    •Social computing
    •Master data management
    Present Models and Frameworks to Use for IT Decision-Making. This text provides extensive use of models and frameworks that students can use in their future careers.