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Strategic Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

Strategic Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

  • Philip Kotler
  • Author: Philip Kotler
    • ISBN:9789332549517
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332549516
    • Price:Rs. 649.00
    • Pages:528
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    This best-selling text focuses on the impact of nonprofit marketing in the social sector and the growing intersection between nonprofit management and the business world.

    Table of Content

    SECTION I Developing a Customer Orientation
    Chapter 1: The Growth and Development of Nonprofit Marketing
    SECTION II Strategic Planning and Organization
    Chapter 2: Developing a Customer-Centered Mindset
    Chapter 3: Strategic Marketing Planning
    Chapter 4: Understanding Consumer Behavior
    Chapter 5: Acquiring and Using Marketing Information
    Chapter 6: Segmentation, Positioning, and Branding
    CHAPTER 7: Branding
    SECTION III  Designing the Marketing Mix
    Chapter 8: Managing the Organization's Offerings
    Chapter 9: Developing and Launching New Offerings
    Chapter 10: Managing Perceived Costs
    Chapter 11: Facilitating Marketing Behaviors
    Chapter 12: Formulating Communications Strategies
    Chapter 13: Managing Communications: Advertising and Personal Persuasion
    Chapter 14: Managing Public Media and Public Advocacy
    SECTION IV Developing and Organizing Resources
    Chapter 15: Generating Funds
    Chapter 16: Attracting Human Resources: Staff, Volunteers, and Boards
    Chapter 17: Working with the Private Sector
    Section V Organizing and Controlling Marketing Strategies
    Chapter 18: Organizing for Implementation
    Chapter 19: Marketing Evaluation, Monitoring, and Control

    Salient Features

    • Pressure To Adopt Business Models — Nonprofit and government agencies are being pressured to adopt business models and frameworks to guide their operations
    • Growing Appreciation for Business Concepts — The social sector is increasingly populated at the top and middle-management levels by individuals with business backgrounds and appreciation for what business concepts and tools can do for their new environments
    • The seventh edition emphasizes the challenges of nonprofit marketing and having to influence multiple audiences for long-term success.
    • Nonprofits are recognizing that branding is critical at the organizational level and have even made efforts to determine the value of their organizational branding. This concept is critical for specific campaigns as in the truth campaign of the American Legacy Foundation and more non-profits are seeking ways to replicate their success. Chapter 7 focuses on the challenges of implementing a branding focus and how it is carried out.