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Engineering Drawing

Engineering Drawing

  • K. Leo Dev Wins
  • Author: K. Leo Dev Wins
    • ISBN:9789332553644
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332553645
    • Price:Rs. 350.00
    • Pages:200
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Engineering Drawing is designed to fulfill the requirements of engineering students in their first year. This book covers all the fundamental topics of engineering drawing with a focus on the logic behind each concept and its practical applications. Lucid explanations combined with technical accuracy make this book an invaluable asset for students as well as those preparing for professional exams.

    Table of Content

    1 Introduction
    2 Geometrical Constructions
    3 Conic Sections
    4 Orthographic Projections
    5 Projection of Points
    6 Projection of Straight Lines
    7 Projection of Solids
    8 Development of Surfaces
    9 Isometric Projection
    10 Building Drawing

    Salient Features

    • Simple and comprehensive approach.
    • Step-by-step procedure for construction methods
    • Simplified drawings for easy understanding
    • Conformity with the specifications of the Bureau of Indian Standards (B.I.S.)