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XAML Unleashed

XAML Unleashed

  • Adam Nathan
  • Author: Adam Nathan
    • ISBN:9789332553927
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332553920
    • Price:Rs. 709.00
    • Pages:512
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    If you want to write Windows apps with XAML, one person can help you more than anyone else: Adam Nathan. He has built a well-deserved reputation as the world's #1 expert on putting it to work. Now, he's written the definitive, practical XAML tutorial and reference: XAML Unleashed.

    Nathan answers the questions you're most likely to ask, walks through the tasks you're sure to perform, and helps you avoid problems as you use XAML. You'll learn how to create effective user interfaces for line-of-business apps, consumer apps, reusable controls, or anything else. These techniques will be invaluable whether you're creating universal Windows apps or working with Silverlight or WPF.

    XAML Unleashed is packed with C# and XAML code examples that are fully color-coded to match their appearance in Visual Studiothe same approach that has made Nathan's previous Unleashed books so popular.

    Detailed information on how to...

    &bull Understand and apply XAML's syntax, namespaces, and keywords

    &bull Organize controls and other elements in a smooth and intuitive user interface

    &bull Make the most of XAML's rich controls for content, items, images, text, and media

    &bull Build exceptionally powerful user and custom controls

    &bull Master reliable and efficient ways to mix XAML with procedural code

    &bull Extend XAML with type converters, markup extensions, and other third-party desktop classes

    &bull Use data binding to link and synchronize controls with in-memory representations of data

    &bull Leverage XAML's support for binary and logical resources

    &bull Use styles, templates, and visual states to radically redesign controls without sacrificing their built-in functionality

    &bull Access the Windows animation library to create stunning theme transitions and animations

    &bull Build custom panels to enforce consistency in unusual user interfaces

    &bull Understand subtle changes in XAML's behavior across different Microsoft UI frameworks


    Table of Content

    Part I: The XAML Language
    Chapter 1: What Is XAML?     
    Chapter 2: Child Elements and Keywords    
    Chapter 3: Mixing XAML with Code   
    Chapter 4: Extending XAML    
    Part II: Graphics
    Chapter 5: Arranging Elements    
    Chapter 6: Automatic Layout    
    Chapter 7: 2D Graphics    
    Chapter 8: 3D Graphics    
    Part III: Controls
    Chapter 9: Content Controls 
    Chapter 10: Items Controls   
    Chapter 11: Images    
    Chapter 12: Text    
    Chapter 13: Audio and Video 
    Chapter 14: Other Controls    
    Chapter 15: User Controls and Custom Controls    
    Part IV: Exploring XAML Features
    Chapter 16: Resources    
    Chapter 17: Data Binding    
    Chapter 18: Styles, Templates, and Visual States    
    Chapter 19: Animation    
    Part V: Advanced Features
    Chapter 20: Layout with Custom Panels    
    Chapter 21: Fun with XAML Readers and Writers    


    Salient Features

    • By Adam Nathan, the world's #1 expert on XAML and related Microsoft development technologies
    • Practical, code-rich coverage: XAML graphics, controls, resources, data binding, styles, templates, animation, and much more -- including advanced techniques
    • Best practices for mixing XAML with code, extending XAML, and utilizing XAML2009 enhancements