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Decision Support Systems

Decision Support Systems

  • George M. Marakas
  • Author: George M. Marakas
    • ISBN:9789332555167
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332555168
    • Price:Rs. 629.00
    • Pages:640
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    For a Decision Support System course offered in business schools.

    Packed with essential information, highly current text provides a thorough understanding of the support aspect of DSS. Written from cognitive processes and decision-making perspective, it concentrates on issues that emphasize managerial applications and the implications of decision support technology on those issues and includes commercial data mining software for experiential learning.


    Table of Content


    1. Introduction to Decision Support Systems.

     2. Decisions and Decision Makers.

     3. Decision in the Organization.

     4. Modeling Decision Processes.

     5. Group Decision Support and Groupware Technologies.

     6. Executive Information Systems.

     7. Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

     8. Knowledge Engineering and Acquisition.

     9. Machines That Can Learn.

    10. The Data Warehouse.

    11. Data Mining and Data Visualization.

    12. Designing and Building the Data Warehouse.

    13. The Systems Perspective of a DSS.

    14. Designing and Building Decision Support Systems.

    15. Implementing and Integrating Decision Support Systems.

    16. Creative Decision Making and Problem Solving.

    17. Intelligent Software Agents, Bots, Delegation, and Agency.

    18. Decision Support in the Twenty-First Century.

    Salient Features

    • NEW - Expanded material on data mining, warehousing, and visualization-Chapters 10-12 provide the most complete coverage of these hot topics to be found in any DSS title.
    • Brings the student up-to-date with the hottest topics in DSS.
    • NEW - Complimentary and exclusive, a real-world commercial package of Megaputer'sPolyAnalyst and TextAnalyst software is bundled with each book-Key end of chapter problems are solved are solved using real data sets accessed by the package. Only DSS text to come packaged with gratis real-world software enabling students to actually experience data mining and visualization techniques.
    • Provides the students with an actual Data Mining program to get real world experience.
    • NEW - Greater design and development conceptual balance added as well as the role of the Internet to be found in Chapter 13, "The Systems Perspective of a DSS."
    • Highlights the Internet as a key component of learning DSS.
    • NEW - Expanded material on the Elusive Character of Creativity in Chapter 16.
    • Gives students information on material they need to succeed in the DSS course.
    • Chapter 17 covers the role of Delegation including Intelligent Agents, Bots and Agency.
    • Gives students the coverage they need to succeed in the course.
    • Comprehensive current and splendidly written text that avoids redundancies and is particularly suitable for a one term undergraduate course.
    • Students aren't inundated with repetitive material they do not need.