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Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology

Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology

  • Eric J. Simon
  • Author: Eric J. Simon
    • ISBN:9789332555372
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332555370
    • Price:Rs. 899.00
    • Pages:520
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    This best-selling textbook, known for its scientific accuracy, clear explanations, and intuitive illustrations, has been revised to further emphasize the relevance of biology to everyday life, using memorable analogies, real-world examples, conversational language, engaging new Why Biology Matters photo essays, and more.

    Table of Content

    1 Introduction: Biology Today

    UNIT 1  Cells
    2 Essential Chemistry for Biology
    3 The Molecules of Life
    4 A Tour of the Cell
    5 The Working Cell
    6 Cellular Respiration: Obtaining Energy from Food
    7 Photosynthesis: Using Light to Make Food

    UNIT 2 Genetics
    8 Cellular Reproduction: Cells from Cells
    9 Patterns of Inheritance
    10 The Structure and Function of DNA
    11 How Genes Are Controlled
    12 DNA Technology

    UNIT 3 Animal Structure and Function
    13 Unifying Concepts of Animal Structure and Function
    14 Nutrition and Digestion
    15 Circulation and Respiration
    16 The Body's Defenses
    17 Hormones
    18 Reproduction and Development
    19 Nervous, Sensory, and Locomotor Systems

    UNIT 4 Plant Structure and Function
    20 The Life of a Flowering Plant
    21 The Working Plant

    Self-Quiz Answers

    Salient Features

    •  Why Biology Matters photo essays engage student curiosity about biology through the use of dynamic photographs and intriguing scientific observations. Each intriguing science fact is later revisited in the chapter narrative to help students see the link between the everyday application of biology and the chapter material.
    •  Analogies and applications to everyday life have been added throughout the prose and the illustrations, making key concepts easier to visualize and to remember for students who are learning the material for the first time.
    •  Chapter threads explore a single high-interest topic throughout each chapter in "Biology and Society" essays, "Process of Science" investigations, and "Evolution Connection" discussions.
    •  Interpreting Data end-of-chapter questions help students learn to use quantitative material by  analyzing graphs and interacting with other data.
    •  Process of Science essays appear in every chapter and walk students through each step of the scientific method as it applies to a specific research question.