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Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT

Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT

  • Nishit K Sinha
  • Author: Nishit K Sinha
    • ISBN:9789332570016
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332570019
    • Price:Rs. 775.00
    • Pages:756
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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     Quantitative Aptitude occupies the most challenging and prominent place in all the major MBA entrance examinations such as CAT, SNAP, XAT and IIFT to name a few.  The new edition of Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT will help students acquire an impeccable grasp over the most demanding section of the CAT.

    This edition of the established mainstream bestseller has been revised as per the latest pattern of the CAT. It has been so designed as to enhance students' thoughts process and make them understand the foundational aspects of the subject, to apprise on every type and variations of the questions asked and in turn help in solving them.  Divided into 5 modules, topics are discussed in great detail with the help of concepts, tips, and strategies along with thorough analysis of the same.  Strategically framed practice questions with hierarchal difficulty levels - Warm up, Foundation, Moderate, Advanced will help students to gain confidence and ultimately achieve an overall excellence in the subject and score well in the examinations.

    Table of Content

    Part 1
    Quantitative Aptitude
    Module 1 Numbers and their Properties
     Chapter 1   Vedic Mathematics 
     Chapter 2   Number System 
     Benchmarking Test 1 
    Module 2 Arithmetic
    Chapter 3   Percentage 
    Chapter 4   Simple Interest and Compound Interest
    Chapter 5  Profit, Loss and Discount 
    Chapter 6   Average and its Applications 
    Chapter 7   Ratio, Proportion and Variation 
    Chapter 8   Time and Work 
    Chapter 9   Time, Speed and Distance 
     Benchmarking Test 2 
    Module 3 X+2 Maths
    Chapter 10    Basics of Algebra 
    Chapter 11  Equations 
    Chapter 12  Sequence and Series 
    Chapter 13  Function 
    Chapter 14  Graphs and Maxima Minima 
    Chapter 15  Logarithm 
    Chapter 16  Permutation and Combination 
    Chapter 17  Probability 
     Benchmarking Test 3 
    Module 4 Measurement
    Chapter 18  Geometry 
    Chapter 19  Mensuration 
    Chapter 20  Coordinate Geometry 
     Benchmarking Test 4 
    Module 5 Miscellaneous
    Chapter 21  Set Theory 
    Chapter 22  Statistics 
    Chapter 23   Miscellaneous
    Part 2
    CAT Papers
    CAT 2002 
    CAT 2003 
    CAT 2004 
    CAT 2005 
    CAT 2006 
    CAT 2007 
    CAT 2008 
    Part 3
    Other MBA Entrance Papers
    Model SNAP Paper 1 
    Model SNAP Paper 2 
    Model XAT Paper 1 
    Model XAT Paper 2 
    Model IIFT Paper 
    Part 4
    Section Tests
    Section Test 1 
    Section Test 2 
    Section Test 3 
    Part 5
    Special Section for Campus Recruitment Examinations

    Salient Features

    • 4000+ solved questions
    • Macro analysis of CAT exam- CAT demystified 
    • Revised Benchmark tests for self-evaluation
    • New practice test with varied difficulty level - warm up to advanced 
    • Special section for Campus Recruitment Exams 
    • Previous years ';papers  for SNAP, XAT and  IIFT 
    • 5 section tests - CAT online exam simulator in CD