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Internal Security for Civil Services Main Examinations - GS Paper III

Internal Security for Civil Services Main Examinations -  GS Paper III

  • M Karthikeyan
  • Author: M Karthikeyan
    • ISBN:9789332573932
    • 10 Digit ISBN:933257393X
    • Price:Rs. 215.00
    • Pages:288
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    This volume is written purely based on the requirement of UPSC Civil Services Main Examination. This will cater collectively to all the topics included under Internal Security Syllabus. The author has taken utmost care to keep the language of the contents very lucid and easily understandable to enable easy comprehension and retention. Relevant examples and illustrations have been added for better understanding along with adequate questions at the end of every chapter for practice. Important and useful reports of various committees and commissions are also included.  

    Table of Content

     Chapter I - Introduction
    Chapter II-Terrorism
    Chapter III- Naxalism
    Chapter IV- North East India
    ChapterV - Role of External State and Non-State Actors in Creating Challenges to Internal Security
    Chapter VI - Costal Security
    Chapter VII- Cyber Security
    Chapter VIII- Money-Laundering
    Chapter IX- Security Challenges and their Management in Border Areas
    Chapter X - Organised Crimes
    Chapter XI - Various Security Forces, Agencies and Their Mandates

    Salient Features

     • Internal security challenges that our country faces today.
    • Factors that directly or indirectly lead to the emergence threats.
    • Impact of various security challenges on the civil society and its peace and stability.
    • Efforts taken by the Government, Civil Society and others to overcome internal security threats.
    • Extracts from various reports of committees and commissions like 2nd ARC (Administrative Reforms Commission), Justice M M Punnchi commission, Justice Santhosh Hegde commission, Shri M.P.Bezaruah committee etc.