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Essentials of MIS

Essentials of MIS

  • Jane P. Laudon
  • Kenneth C. Laudon
  • Author: Jane P. Laudon
    • ISBN:9789332575387
    • 10 Digit ISBN:933257538X
    • Price:Rs. 599.00
    • Pages:501
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    An in-depth look at how today's businesses use information technologies.

    Many businesses look for candidates who know how to use information systems, making a general understanding of information systems an asset to any business student. Laudon and Laudon continue to define the MIS course for all business majors by emphasizing how business objectives shape the application of new information systems and technologies.


    Table of Content

    1. Business Information Systems in Your Career

    2. Global E-business and Collaboration

    3. Achieving Competitive Advantage with Information Systems

    4. Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems

    5. IT Infrastructure: Hardware and Software

    6. Foundations of Business Intelligence: Databases and Information Management

    7. Telecommunications, the Internet, and Wireless Technology

    8. Securing Information Systems

    9. Achieving Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy: Enterprise Applications

    10. E-commerce: Digital Markets, Digital Goods

    11. Improving Decision Making and Managing Knowledge

    12. Building Information Systems and Managing Projects

    Salient Features

    Applying Chapter Concepts to the Real World: Management Decision Problems. Two new Management Decision Problems are included per chapter in this edition. These problems teach students how to apply chapter concepts to real-world business scenarios, helping them strengthen their analytical and decision-making skills.
    Working Together: Collaboration and Teamwork Projects. Each chapter features a collaborative project that encourages students working in teams to use Google sites, Google Docs, and other open-source collaboration tools.

    Understanding the Connections Between Information Systems and Business: Business Driven Real-World Examples. This text helps students see the direct connection between information systems and business performance by offering a variety of real-world examples from business and public organizations.

    Getting Hands-On Experience: MIS-Related Business Activities. There is no better way to learn about MIS than by doing MIS! The authors provide hands-on projects where students can work with real-world business scenarios and data, learning first-hand what MIS is all about. Features include:

    Hands-On MIS-Each chapter concludes with a Hands-On MIS section containing three types of projects: a running case project; a hands-on application software exercise using Microsoft® Excel, Access or Web page development tools; and a project that develops Internet business skills.
    Interactive Sessions-Two short cases in each chapter have been redesigned as Interactive Sessions to be used in the classroom to simulate student interest and active learning. Each case concludes with case study questions and Web activities for further exploration.
    Finding a Solution: Problem-Solving Perspective. A four-step problem-solving method is introduced in Chapter 1 that students can use throughout the course and for analyzing case studies. This method will show students how real-world companies identified and ultimately solved key business challenges using information systems and technologies. Students will learn how to:
    Identify a business problem
    Design alternative solutions
    Choose the correct solution

    Preparing for the Job Market: Career Resources Online. Career Resources are integrated throughout the learning system on the text's Companion Website, showing why students need to know about specific topics and how the knowledge will help them in their future career. The Companion Website offers:
    Job-hunting guides
    Instructions on how to build a Digital Portfolio demonstrating the business knowledge, application software proficiency, and Internet skills acquired from using the text.

    Integrating Material with AACSB Learning Objectives. In this text, the authors support AACSB efforts to encourage assessment-based education. The front-end papers of this edition identify students' learning objectives and anticipated outcomes for Hands-On MIS projects. 
    Because each school is different and may have different missions and learning objectives, the authors provide custom advice on how to use this text. Please email the authors or contact your local Pearson representative for contact information.

    Learning Track Modules. The Learning Tracks feature gives instructors the flexibility to provide in-depth coverage of the topics they choose. Provided at the end of each chapter, students are directed to short essays or additional chapters on the Laudon Companion Website. This supplementary material takes students deeper into MIS topics, concepts and debates; reviews basic technology concepts; and provides additional hands-on software instruction.