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Business Communication Today

Business Communication Today

  • Courtland L. Bovee
  • John V. Thill  
  • Roshan Lal Raina
  • Author: Courtland L. Bovee
    • ISBN:9789332578753
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332578753
    • Price:Rs. 749.00
    • Pages:672
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    The Ever-Changing Mold of Modern Business Communication

    Business Communication Today continually demonstrates the inherent connection between recent technological developments and modern business practices. With each new edition, this text addresses the most essential changes in technology and how they impact the business world, while still addressing timeless business skills such as listening, presenting, and writing.

    With a strong focus on mobile connectivity, the Thirteenth Edition is a highly integrated text that blends new topics such as social media in business seamlessly with more traditional entrepreneurial concepts. The flexible text is suitable for all students seeking to master necessary skills for succeeding in the workplace. With a clear, fluid chapter organization that addresses, develops, and reviews major concepts, Business Communication Today instills crucial business skills students will need to thrive in an office environment.


    Table of Content

    1. Professional Communication in a Digital, Social, Mobile World
    2. Collaboration, Interpersonal Communication, and Business Etiquette
    3. Communication Challenges in a Diverse, Global Marketplace
    4. Planning Business Messages
    5. Writing Business Messages
    6. Completing Business Messages
    7. Digital Media
    8. Social Media
    9. Visual Media
    10. Writing Routine and Positive Messages
    11. Writing Negative Messages
    12. Writing Persuasive Messages
    13. Finding, Evaluating, and Processing Information
    14. Planning Reports and Proposals
    15. Writing and Completing Reports and Proposals
    16. Developing Presentations in a Social Media Environment
    17. Enhancing Presentations with Slides and Other Visuals
    18. Building Careers and Writing Résumés
    19. Applying and Interviewing for Employment
    Appendix A: Format and Layout of Business Documents
    Appendix B: Documentation of Report Sources

    Salient Features

    Business Communication Today uses the following features to facilitate learning:
    NEW! Groundbreaking coverage of innovative technologies
    NEW! The text focuses on mobile communication and its effect on contemporary business practices, such as globalization and social media.
    NEW! Chapter 1 focuses on the mobile revolution, addressing topics such as the rise of mobile as a communication platform and how mobile technologies are changing business communication.
    NEW! Chapter 2 discusses business collaboration via mobile devices, putting meeting results to productive use, and business etiquette using mobile devices.
    NEW! Chapter 4 addresses how to select the best combination of media and channels as well as the unique challenges of communicating with mobile devices.
    NEW! Chapters 5 and 6 teach students to write and design mobile messages for business purposes.
    NEW! Chapter 7 addresses the optimization of content for mobile devices.
    NEW! Chapter 9 discusses visual media on mobile devices.
    NEW! Chapter 12 teaches students to create promotional messages for mobile devices.
    NEW! Chapter 16 faces the challenges of organizing a presentation for mobile devices.
    NEW! Chapter 17 discusses ways to integrate mobile devices into business presentations.
    NEW! Coverage of emerging issues reshaping business communication, such as digital information fluency and the "bring your own device" (BYOD) phenomenon.
    NEW! Coverage of linear and nonlinear presentations explores the differences between slide-based linear presentations and Prezi-style non-linear presentations.