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Marketing: An Introduction

Marketing: An Introduction

  • Gary Armstrong
  • Philip Kotler
  • Author: Gary Armstrong
    • ISBN:9789332584471
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332584478
    • Price:Rs. 970.00
    • Pages:672
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    An Introduction to the World of Marketing Using a Proven, Practical, and Engaging Approach, Marketing: An Introduction shows students how customer value—creating it and capturing it—drives every effective marketing strategy. Using an organization and learning design that includes real-world examples and information that help bring marketing to life, the text gives readers everything they need to know about marketing in an effective and engaging total learning package.

    The Thirteenth Edition reflects the latest trends in marketing, including new coverage on online, social media, mobile, and other digital technologies, leaving students with a richer understanding of basic marketing concepts, strategies, and practices.


    Table of Content

    Part 1: Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process
    1. Marketing Creating Customer Value and Engagement
    2. Company and Marketing Strategy Partnering to Build Customer Engagement, Value, and Relationships
    Part 2: Understanding the Marketplace and Customer Value
    3. Analyzing the Marketing Environment
    4. Managing Marketing Information to Gain Customer Insights
    5. Understanding Consumer and Business Buyer Behavior
    Part 3: Designing a Customer Value-Driven Marketing Strategy and Mix
    6. Customer Value-Driven Marketing Strategy Creating Value for Target Customers
    7. Product, Services, and Brands Building Customer Value
    8. Developing New Products and Managing the Product Life Cycle
    9. Pricing Understanding and Capturing Customer Value
    10. Marketing Channels Delivering Customer Value
    11. Retailing and Wholesaling
    12. Engaging Customers and Communicating Customer Value Advertising and Public
    13. Personal Selling and Sales Promotion
    14. Direct, Online, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing
    Part 4: Extending Marketing
    15. The Global Marketplace
    16. Sustainable Marketing Social Responsibility and Ethics
    Appendix 1. Company Cases
    Appendix 2. Marketing Plan
    Appendix 3. Marketing by the Numbers
    Appendix 4. Careers in Marketing

    Salient Features

    • Marketing at Work highlights provide countless in-depth, real-life examples and stories from Netflix, Google, Amazon, Nike, Harley-Davidson, and more, which engage students with basic marketing concepts and bring the marketing journey to life. Every chapter contains a First Stop opening story plus Marketing at Work highlight features that reveal the drama of modern marketing.
    • End-of-chapter features summarize important chapter concepts and highlight important themes, such as marketing ethics; financial marketing analysis; and online, mobile, and social media marketing, facilitating student understanding and ease of learning.
    • UPDATED! Discussions and examples of the explosive impact of exciting new digital marketing technologies—from online, mobile, and social media engagement technologies; to "real-time listening" and "big data" research tools; real-time dynamic pricing; digitizing the in-store retail shopping experience, and social selling; as well as other new communications technologies
    • Coverage in both traditional marketing areas and on fast-changing and trending topics, such as customer engagement marketing, mobile and social media, big data and the new marketing analytics, omni-channel marketing and retailing, customer co-creation and empowerment, real-time customer listening and marketing, building brand community, marketing content creation and native advertising, B-to-B social media and social selling, tiered and dynamic pricing, consumer privacy, sustainability, global marketing, and much more.
    • Coverage of fast-changing developments in marketing communications and the creation of marketing content. Marketers are blending new digital and social media tools—everything from Internet and mobile marketing to blogs, viral videos, and social media—with traditional media to create more targeted, personal, and engaging customer relationships. Marketers are joining with customers and media to curate customer-driven marketing content in paid, owned, earned, and shared media. No other text provides more current or encompassing coverage of these exciting developments.