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Language of SQL, The

Language of SQL, The

  • Larry Rockoff
  • Author: Larry Rockoff
    • ISBN:9789332585928
    • 10 Digit ISBN:933258592X
    • Price:Rs. 349.00
    • Pages:240
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    A quick, clearly written introduction to the use of SQL to store and retrieve information


    Table of Content

    The Language of SQL, 2nd Edition

    1. Relational Databases and SQL
    2. Basic Data Retrieval
    3. Calculated Fields and Aliases
    4. Using Functions
    5. Sorting Data
    6. Selection Criteria
    7. Boolean Logic
    8. Conditional Logic
    9. Summarizing Data
    10. Subtotals and Crosstabs
    11. Inner Joins
    12. Outer Joins
    13. Self Joins and Views
    14. Subqueries
    15. Set Logic
    16. Stored Procedures and Parameters
    17. Modifying Data
    18. Maintaining Tables
    19. Principles of Database Design
    20. Strategies for Displaying Data
    A. Getting Started with Microsoft SQL Server
    B. Getting Started with MySQL
    C. Getting Started with Oracle

    Salient Features

    1. First edition of this strong-selling book has sold over 14,000 copies since 2010.
    2. Utilizes a language-based approach that allows the user to learn SQL as they would learn English
    3. Updated examples work with the latest versions of Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL"