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Business Law

Business Law

  • Tejpal Sheth
  • Author: Tejpal Sheth
    • ISBN:9789332586154
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332586152
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    • Pages:648
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
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    Business law as a subject area deals with laws that dictate how to start, buy, manage, and close or sell any type of business. Hence, knowledge of business laws assumes great importance for anyone who is starting a business, or for any business manager, or chartered accountant.

    The content coverage of the book ensures that it caters to the needs of students pursuing B.Com, BBM, and MBA courses taught in various Indian universities. The book is also relevant for students pursuing professional courses like ICWA intermediate course.  The book is written in concise and lucid manner using several examples, case studies, and exercises to make the content interesting and authentic.


    Table of Content

    1. Indian Contract Act 1872 - Nature and kind of contract
    2. Indian Contract Act 1872 -Offer and acceptance of offer
    3. Indian Contract Act 1872 -Capacity of parties and consideration
    4. Indian Contract Act 1872 -Free consent
    5. Indian Contract Act 1872 -Void agreements and contingent contract
    6. Indian Contract Act 1872 -Performance of contract
    7. Indian Contract Act 1872 -Discharge of contract
    8. Indian Contract Act 1872 -Remedies for breach of contract and Quasi contract
    9. Indian Contract Act 1872 -Indemnity and guarantee
    10. Indian Contract Act 1872 -Bailment and pledge
    11. Indian Contract Act 1872 -Agency
    12. The partnership Act 1932
    13. The sales of Goods Act 1930
    14. The Negotiable Instrument Act 1881
    15. Consumer Protection Act 1986
    16. Foreign Exchange and Management Act 1999
    17. Information Technology Act, 2000
    18. Companies Act 2013 - Type of companies and their characteristics
    19. Companies Act 2013 - Memorandum, Article of association and Prospectus
    20. Companies Act 2013 - Share capital and transfer of shares
    21. Companies Act 2013 - Meeting and Power of Board
    22. Companies Act 2013 - Management of company
    23. The payment of Bonus Act 1965
    24. The payment of Gratuity Act 1972
    25. Employees Provident fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952
    26. Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
    27. Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948

    Salient Features

    Includes more than 250 case studies

    Contains over 360 landmark judgements

     Provides about 800 questions in the 'Test Your Knowledge' section including hints

     Includes more than 900 multiple-choice questions with answers

     Topics covered with a suitable heading for easy retention of concepts