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Horngren’s Cost Accounting

Horngren’s Cost Accounting

  • Srikant M. Datar
  • Madhav V. Rajan
  • Author: Srikant M. Datar
    • ISBN:9789352860197
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9352860195
    • Price:Rs. 889.00
    • Pages:1368
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Cost accounting provides key data to managers for planning and controlling, as well as costing

    products, services, even customers. Cost Accounting, 16e focuses on how this discipline would

    help managers make better decisions, as cost accountants are increasingly becoming integral

    members of company's decision-making teams. In order to emphasize this prominence in decision

    making, the authors have used the 'different costs for different purposes' theme throughout this

    book. By focusing on basic concepts, analyses, uses, and procedures instead of procedures alone,

    they have recognized cost accounting as a managerial tool for business strategy and

    implementation. This textbook also prepares students for the rewards and challenges they face in

    the professional cost accounting world of today and tomorrow.


    Table of Content

    1 The Manager and Management Accounting
    2 An Introduction to Cost Terms and Purposes
    3 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
    4 Job Costing
    5 Activity-Based Costing and Activity-Based Management
    6 Master Budget and Responsibility Accounting
    7 Flexible Budgets, Direct-Cost Variances, and Management Control
    8 Flexible Budgets, Overhead Cost Variances, and Management Control
    9 Inventory Costing and Capacity Analysis
    10 Determining How Costs Behave
    11 Decision Making and Relevant Information
    12 Strategy, Balanced Scorecard, and Strategic Profitability Analysis
    13 Pricing Decisions and Cost Management
    14 Cost Allocation, Customer-Profitability Analysis, and Sales-Variance Analysis
    15 Allocation of Support-Department Costs, Common Costs, and Revenues
    16 Cost Allocation: Joint Products and Byproducts
    17 Process Costing
    18 Spoilage, Rework, and Scrap
    19 Balanced Scorecard: Quality and Time
    20 Inventory Management, Just-in-Time, and Simplified Costing Methods
    21 Capital Budgeting and Cost Analysis
    22 Management Control Systems, Transfer Pricing, and Multinational Considerations
    23 Performance Measurement, Compensation, and Multinational Considerations


    Salient Features

    Sustainability strategies and the methods that companies use to implement sustainability with business goals.
    Ideas based on academic research regarding the weights to be placed on performance
    measures in a balanced scorecard.
    Details on the transfer pricing strategies used by multinational technology firms such as Apple and Google to minimize income taxes.
    Current trends in the regulation of executive compensation.
    Evolution of enterprise resource planning systems and newer simplified costing systems that practice lean accounting.
    New material around recent trends in big data and data analytics in predicting costs and when making demand forecasts.