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Six Rules of Brand Revitalization: Learn the Most Common Branding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, 2/e

Six Rules of Brand Revitalization:  Learn the Most Common Branding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them,  2/e

  • Larry Light
  • Joan Kiddon
  • Author: Larry Light
    • ISBN:9789352863532
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9352863534
    • Price:Rs. 499.00
    • Pages:256
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Are you responsible for reinvigorating your brand to achieve enduring profitable growth? Or for keeping a strong brand from fading in relevance and value? World-class brand marketers Larry Light and Joan Kiddon specialize in revitalizing great brands to reignite and sustain growth. Now, they've updated their best-selling Six Rules of Brand Revitalization to deliver all the practical insights and techniques you need to do it, too.

    Light and Kiddon show how to apply their foundational rules today, serving today's informed and skeptical customers. Step by step, you'll refocus your organization, restore brand relevance, reinvent brand experience, reinforce a &ldquoresults culture," rebuild brand trust, and realize global alignment. The authors reveal core &ldquotruths" for avoiding brand deterioration, identify warning signs of trouble, and offer specific techniques for overcoming them.

    This edition is updated throughout with new case studies and a deeper, improved synthesis of the authors' extensive experience revitalizing brands in roles ranging from advertising agency executive to CMO and independent marketing consultant. Its updated case studies include an important new look at McDonald's, which exemplifies an organization that successfully rebuilt its brand but then ran into deep trouble again. Throughout, this edition contains specific, actionable recommendations regarding process change, cultural change, organizational responsibilities and structure, metrics, and many other issues - all updated to reflect today's market and customer realities.


    Table of Content

    Part I: The Twelve Tendencies for Trouble   
    Chapter 1    Tendency 1: The Arrogance of (Great) Success    
    Chapter 2    Tendency 2: The Comfort of Complacency    
    Chapter 3    Tendency 3: The Building of Organizational Barriers and Bureaucratic Processes    
    Chapter 4    Tendency 4: The Focus on Analyst Satisfaction Rather Than on Customer Satisfaction    
    Chapter 5    Tendency 5: The Belief That What Worked Yesterday Will Work Today    
    Chapter 6    Tendency 6: The Failure to Innovate    
    Chapter 7    Tendency 7: The Lack of Focus on the Core Customer    
    Chapter 8    Tendency 8: The Backtracking to Basics    
    Chapter 9    Tendency 9: The Loss of Relevance    
    Chapter 10   Tendency 10: The Lack of a Coherent Plan to Win    
    Chapter 11   Tendency 11: The Lack of a Balanced Brand-Business Scorecard    
    Chapter 12   Tendency 12: The Disregard for the Changing World    
    Chapter 13   Break the LOCK on Brand Troubles    
    Part II: The Six Rules for Brand Revitalization…Revisited    
    Chapter 14   Rule 1: Refocus the Organization    
    Chapter 15   Rule 2: Restore Brand Relevance    
    Chapter 16   Rule 3: Reinvent the Brand Experience   
    Chapter 17   Rule 4: Reinforce a Results Culture    
    Chapter 18   Rule 5: Rebuild Brand Trust    
    Chapter 19   Rule 6: Realize Global Alignment    
    Part III: The Twelve Truths for Staying Out of Trouble   
    Chapter 20   Truth 1: Recognize That Culture Matters: Overcome Cultural Resistance   
    Chapter 21   Truth 2: Institutionalize Change    
    Chapter 22   Truth 3: Define a Clear Strategy for Enduring Profitable Growth    
    Chapter 23   Truth 4: Break Down Silos    
    Chapter 24   Truth 5: Reinforce Authenticity    
    Chapter 25   Truth 6: Make Demographics Matter    
    Chapter 26   Truth 7: Act Like a Leader   
    Chapter 27   Truth 8: Stay Relevant   
    Chapter 28   Truth 9: Move from Living off Current Positive Momentum to Creating Ongoing Positive Momentum    
    Chapter 29   Truth 10: Institute Clear Accountability    
    Chapter 30   Truth 11: Change the Reward System    
    Chapter 31   Truth 12: Measure Results    

    Salient Features

    Building on their experience leading McDonald's last marketing turnaround, Light and Kiddon also present a new online case study: how this world-class brand slipped back into the abyss… and how it can win again. Whether you steward a great brand today, or you're building tomorrow's next great brand, these lessons are indispensable.

    • Plan and execute all 6 components of a winning brand revitalization
    • Master the 12 truths for avoiding brand disaster
    • Recognize the 12 tendencies that lead great brands into trouble
    • Anticipate and solve emerging brand problems while they're still manageable
    • Fully updated for today's global, social, and volatile markets
    • Strengthen your brand's promise, relevance, and value
    • Escape the bad habits that lead great brands to fail
    • Detailed online case study: how McDonald's got into trouble, and how it can WIN AGAIN

    This guide presents a complete, practical blueprint for resurrecting or revitalizing any brand, and leading it to unprecedented success. Larry Light and Joan Kiddon share up-to-date case studies and examples from their unsurpassed brand experience, with detailed "do's" and "don'ts" for everything from segmentation to R&D to executive leadership.

    You'll discover how to refocus your entire organization around common goals and brand promises... restore brand relevance based on an ever-more-profound knowledge of your customers... and reinvent your total brand experience, leveraging innovation, renovation, marketing, and value.
    McDonald's Case History is available online at"