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BIG Ideas to BIG Results

BIG Ideas to BIG Results

  • Robert H. Miles
  • Michael T. Kanazawa
  • Author: Robert H. Miles
    • ISBN:9789352866168
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9352866169
    • Price:Rs. 116.00
    • Pages:272
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Today, your business has immense new opportunities to disrupt markets and delight customers. But truly impactful innovation and business transformation is as brutally difficult as ever. In BIG Idea to BIG Results, two world-renowned consultants introduced the first complete strategic methodology for business transformation: an approach fully grounded in reality, inclusive of people, and 100% results-oriented. Now, in this extensively updated Second Edition, they've integrated new Transformation Competencies to help you "disrupt and delight" with even greater speed, intensity, and impact.


    Building on their pioneering work with hundreds of senior executives, EY's Michael Kanazawa and Dr. Robert H. Miles now show you how to:

    Transform your "purpose" from a paper mission statement to a shared burning ambition that really can drive your strategic transformation

    Leverage agile innovation techniques to move faster, reach value earlier, reduce execution risks, and overcome change gridlock

    Completely rethink the way you use digital, embedding it throughout your strategy, business model, products, and services

    Use "Speed Brakes" to systematically manage each of the factors that can inhibit or accelerate your transformation

    Start using prioritization as a management discipline, not just a project management activity

    Whatever your role in driving your business forward, BIG Idea to BIG Results, Second Edition will help you align behind what really matters now, bias your people towards speed and action, and harness their energy instead of wasting it. Kanazawa and Miles will help you find the right path for your business transformation, clear away your obstacles to innovation, and get there - more surely and rapidly than ever before."


    Table of Content

    Chapter 1: Accelerated Corporate Transformation: The Foundations
    Tactical Is Not Transformative
    Get Your ACT Together
    Make Transformation a Simple Routine
    The ACT Basics: Powerfully Simple
    Creating Safe Passage—A Clear Transformation Process
    This Is Not a New Religion, Just a Better Way of Managing the Business
    Tips for Planning an Accelerated Corporate Transformation
    Chapter 2: Structuring Your Transformation Launch
    Imprinting Your Organization
    Structuring Rapid Transformations
    The No-Slack Launch
    Launch Speed = Simplicity × Compression
    The In-Between Work
    Devil in the Meeting Details
    Transformation Initiative Co-Champion Structure
    Quick Starts
    Tips for Structuring Your Transformation Launch
    Chapter 3: Crafting Your Launch Process
    Confronting Today's Reality
    About the Emperor's Clothes
    Dialogue Versus Discussion
    Generating Dialogue as a Leader
    Priming the Pump
    Canary in a Coal Mine
    How Tablework and Structured Dialogue Work
    Creating Safe Passage
    Tips for Crafting Your Transformation Launch Process
    Chapter 4: The Focus Phase
    Gridlock and the Task Overload Epidemic
    Best Intentions in Big Box Retail
    Undermining Accountability and Customer Loyalty
    Busting Through Gridlock
    The Leader's Challenge: "Doing More ON Less"
    Sharpening the Transformation Arrow
    A One-Page View of the Future
    Articulating a Purpose
    Creating a Strategic Vision
    Distilling the Business Success Model
    Due Diligence on Yourself
    Transformation Initiatives: The "Hows"
    Triage to Three Corporate Initiatives   
    Tips for Orchestrating the Focus Phase
    Building the Transformation Arrow
    Chapter 5: The Align Phase
    Absolute Alignment
    Individual Commitments to Action
    Alignment of Commitments Across "Silos"
    Where Should Lightning Strike?
    Alignment of Values
    The Values-Performance Nexus
    Structuring Widespread Commitment
    The First "Stop Doing" Pause
    Put Your Money Where Your Game Plan Is
    The Bottom Line on Alignment
    Gut Check on Commitment
    Tips for Simplifying the Align Phase
    Chapter 6: The Engage Phase
    Rapidly Engaging the Full Organization
    It's All About Engagement
    Quantum Leaps
    "Back in Black" Friday
    Employee Engagement Is Not Barbeque
    Spreading High Engagement
    Critical Importance of Dialogue
    Hear It from My Boss
    The Rapid, High-Engagement, All-Employee Cascade
    The Transformation Engine
    The Employee Supercharger
    The Leader-Led Double Loop
    Employee Responses to High Engagement in Transformation
    Follow-Through on Execution and Learning
    Cascade as Transformation Accelerator
    Cascade as Trojan Horse
    Overcoming the "Buts"
    Tips for Cascading the Engage Phase
    Chapter 7: The Execution Phase
    Over the Hump and Into the Slump
    Hump #1: The Post Launch Blues
    Ballast and Keel
    Company-wide Transformation Initiative Teams
    Execution "Oversight"
    Quarterly Leadership Checkpoints
    Hump #2: Midcourse Overconfidence
    The Process Is Not a One-Time Overlay
    Midcourse Assessment
    Hump #3: Presumption of Perpetual Motion
    Launching Year 2
    Oh Right, the Behaviors..
    You Don't Get to Relax
    Plan to Punctuate the Equilibrium Regularly
    Tips for Overcoming Predictable Execution Humps
    Chapter 8: Perspectives on Speed and Outside-In
    Speed Is the New Management Discipline
    Get the Train Moving, Now
    Benefits of Productive Speed
    All Aboard at Internet Speed
    The Discipline of Productive Speed
    The Outside-In Perspective
    On the Outside Looking In
    Send Employees Out   
    Talk with Customers and Noncustomers
    You Are Here: Map the Market
    Tips for Incorporating Speed and Outside-In Perspectives
    Chapter 9: Building Transformation Traction
    Building Traction Through Transformational Leadership
    Commit with Confidence, Publicly
    Simple Closed-Loop Accountability
    Promises Versus Declarations
    Shoot for the Moon—Drive Innovation
    Above and Below the Waterline
    Don't Get Overly Fixated on the Dashboard
    Ground Truth: The Real Results
    Misguided Incentives
    The Process Support Team
    Performance Coaching
    Tips for Building Corporate Transformation Traction
    Chapter 10: Disruptive Innovation in Transformation
    Purpose-Infused Transformation: The Three I's
    Design-Centered Strategic Thinking
    Enterprise Social Media and Wisdom-of-the-Crowd
    Agile Business Innovation
    Tips for Leveraging Disruptive Transformation Methodologies
    Chapter 11: Are You Up to the Challenge?
    White-Hot Commitment of the Leader
    Change the People, or Change the People
    You Don't Have All the Answers (And Nobody Expects You To)
    Get Real
    Go for It!

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