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Business Intelligence and Analytics: Systems for Decision Support, 10/e

Business Intelligence and Analytics:  Systems for Decision Support,  10/e

  • Ramesh Sharda
  • Efraim Turban
  • Dursun Delen
  • Author: Ramesh Sharda
    • ISBN:9789352866489
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9352866487
    • Price:Rs. 850.00
    • Pages:688
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Business Intelligence and Analytics, 10e provides the

    only comprehensive, up-to-date guide to today's revolutionary

    management support system technologies, and showcases how they

    can be used for better decision-making.The 10th edition focuses on

    Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics for enterprise decision support

    in a more streamlined book. In addition to traditional decision support

    applications, this edition expands the reader's understanding of the

    various types of analytics by providing examples, products, services,

    and exercises by discussing Web-related issues throughout the text."


    Table of Content

    Part I Decision Making and Analytics: An Overview
    Chapter 1 An Overview of Business Intelligence, Analytics,
    and Decision Support
    Chapter 2 Foundations and Technologies for Decision Making
    Part II Descriptive Analytics
    Chapter 3 Data Warehousing
    Chapter 4 Business Reporting, Visual Analytics, and Business
    Performance Management
    Part III Predictive Analytics
    Chapter 5 Data Mining
    Chapter 6 Techniques for Predictive Modeling
    Chapter 7 Text Analytics, Text Mining, and Sentiment Analysis
    Chapter 8 Web Analytics, Web Mining, and Social Analytics
    Part IV Prescriptive Analytics
    Chapter 9 Model-Based Decision Making: Optimization and Multi-
    Criteria Systems
    Chapter 10 Modeling and Analysis: Heuristic Search Methods and
    Chapter 11 Automated Decision Systems and Expert Systems
    Chapter 12 Knowledge Management and Collaborative Systems
    Part V Big Data and Future Directions for Business
    Chapter 13 Big Data and Analytics
    Chapter 14 Business Analytics: Emerging Trends and Future

    Salient Features

        Introduction of management support systems (MSS) technologies
    ? Extensive supply chain and ERP coverage.
    ? Comprehensive coverage of data warehousing.
    ? Organizational and societal impacts.
    ? Detailed coverage of implementation and integration."