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Trade and Markets in Harappan Civilization

Trade and Markets in Harappan Civilization

  • Jignesh Shah
  • Madhoo Pavaskar
  • Author: Jignesh Shah
    • ISBN:9789353066079
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9353066077
    • Price:Rs. 560.00
    • Pages:212
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Trade and markets are the twin engines that lead to the creation and growth of not only the empires, but also the great civilizations from the times immemorial. Having firm faith in the growth of markets for economic development, we decided to explore whether trade and markets played a major role in the ancient times, too. And what better paradigm could we have chosen than almost the ten millennia old lost ancient Indian civilization of Harappa or the Indus Valley?


    Table of Content

    Chapter 1 Primeval Civilizations and Pre-market Gift Economies
    Chapter 2 Barter in Ancient India
    Chapter 3 Origin and Evolution of Money
    Chapter 4 Beginnings of Ancient Indian Trade
    Chapter 5 Trading Practices in Ancient India
    Chapter 6 Commodity Trade and Industry in Harappan Civilization
    Chapter 7 Urbanization of Indus Valley Civilization
    Chapter 8 Mehrgarh—Precursor to the Harappan Civilization
    Chapter 9 Mohenjo-Daro: A Commercial Hub of Indus Culture
    Chapter 10 Harappa—The Market City
    Chapter 11 Lothal—Port Town of Harappan Civilization
    Chapter 12 Dholavira
    Chapter 13 Other Market Cities in Harappan Civilization
    Chapter 14 Overview—Trade and Markets in the Harappan Civilization

    Salient Features