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Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics

Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics

  • Ralph P. Grimaldi
  • Author: Ralph P. Grimaldi
    • ISBN:9789353433055
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9353433053
    • Price:Rs. 950.00
    • Pages:1008
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    This fifth edition continues to improve on the features that have made it the market leader. The text offers a flexible organization, enabling instructors to adapt the book to their particular courses. The book is both complete and careful, and it continues to maintain its emphasis on algorithms and applications. Excellent exercise sets allow students to perfect skills as they practice. This new edition continues to feature numerous computer science applications—making this the ideal text for preparing students for advanced study.

    Table of Content

    PART 1. FUNDAMENTALS OF DISCRETE MATHEMATICS. Chapter 1. Fundamental Principles of Counting. Chapter 2. Fundamentals of Logic. Chapter 3. Set Theory Chapter 4. Properties of the Integers: Mathematical Induction Chapter 5. Relations and Functions. Chapter 6. Languages: Finite State Machines. Chapter 7. Relations: The Second Time Around. PART 2. FURTHER TOPICS IN ENUMERATION. Chapter 8. The Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion. Chapter 9. Generating Functions. Chapter 10. Recurrence Relations. PART 3. GRAPH THEORY AND APPLICATIONS. Chapter 11. An Introduction to Graph Theory. Chapter 12. Trees. Chapter 13. Optimization and Matching PART 4. MODERN APPLIED ALGEBRA. Chapter 14. Rings and Modular Arithmetic Chapter 15. Boolean Algebra and Switching Functions. Chapter 16. Groups, Coding Theory, and Polya's Theory of Enumeration. Chapter 17. Finite Fields and Combinatorial Designs.

    Salient Features

    1Enhanced mathematical approach with carefully thought out examples, including many examples with computer sciences applications. 2 New material on cryptology, private-key cryptosystems and public-key RSA cryptosystems. 3Expanded treatment of discrete probability. 4Includes historical reviews and biographies that bring a human element to their assignments. 5Provides chapter summaries to allow students to review what they have learned.