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Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering

  • Roger P Roess
  • Elena S Prassas
  • William R McShane
  • Author: Roger P Roess
    • ISBN:9789353434854
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9353434858
    • Price:Rs. 769.00
    • Pages:800
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Traffic Engineering, 5th Edition focuses on the key engineering skills required to practice traffic engineering. It presents both fundamental theory and a broad range of its applications to solve modern problems and gives students an understanding of and appreciation for planning, design, management, construction, operation, control, and system optimization. It also includes the latest in industry standards and criteria, new material and updates to existing material, and new homework problems.

    Table of Content

    "I. Basic Concepts and Characteristics 1. Introduction 2. Transportation Modes and Characteristics 3. Road-User, Vehicle, and Roadway Characteristics 4. Communicating with Drivers: Traffic Control Devices 5. Traffic Stream Characteristics 6. The Concepts of Demand, Volume, and Capacity 7. Level of Service and the Highway Capacity Manual: History and Fundamental Concepts 8. Intelligent Transportation Systems II. Traffic Studies and Programs 9. Traffic Data Collection and Reduction Methodologies 10. Traffic Volume Studies and Characteristics 11. Speed, Travel Time, and Delay Studies 12. Highway Traffic Safety: An Overview 13. Parking: Characteristics, Studies, Programs, and Design 14. Traffic Impact Studies and Analyses III. Interrupted Flow Facilities: Design, Control, and Level of Service 15. The Hierarchy of Intersection Control 16. Traffic Signal Hardware 17. Fundamentals of Intersection Design and Layout 18. Principles of Intersection Signalization 19. Fundamentals of Signal Timing and Design: Pre-timed Signals 20. Fundamentals of Signal Timing and Design: Actuated Signals 21. Signal Coordination for Arterials and Networks 22. Capacity and Level of Service Analysis: Signalized Intersections–The HCM Method 23. Planning-Level Analysis of Signalized Intersections 24. Urban Streets and Arterials: Complete Streets and Levels of Service 25. Unsignalized Intersections and Roundabouts 26. Interchanges and Alternative Intersections IV. Uninterrupted Flow Facilities: Design, Control, and Level of Service 27. An Overview of Geometric Design of Roadways 28. Capacity and Level of Service Analysis: Basic Freeway and Multilane Highway Segments 29. Capacity and Level of Service Analysis: Weaving Segments on Freeways and Multilane Highways 30. Capacity and Level of Service Analysis: Merge and Diverge Segments on Freeways and Multilane Highways 31. Operation and Analysis of Freeways and Highways"

    Salient Features

    1. New! Latest standards and criteria 2. New! Content on unsignalized intersections, roundabouts, alternative intersections, interchanges, operation and analysis of facilities, and more. 3. Updated and extended content on signalized intersections, signal design and timing, and signal hardware is included 4. New! Supporting material on statistical analyses 5. An emphasis on modern data collection tools and methodologies provides a clear and accessible framework for learning 6. New - More than half of the homework problems for most chapters are new to this edition. 7. The text is organized into four major functional parts and presented in an accessible format, giving students a clear and logical framework to learn the concepts. 8. Numerous sample problems and illustrations demonstrate the procedures and methodologies as they are used in practice. 9. Important computer programs demonstrate solutions throughout the text."