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Advertising, Selling & Promotion

Advertising, Selling & Promotion

  • Ritu Narang
  • Author: Ritu Narang
    • ISBN:9789353435776
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9353435773
    • Price:Rs. 850.00
    • Pages:656
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Advertising, Sales and Promotion can be said to be the heart of any organization. Their importance has increased manifold in today's business environment which is highly competitive and uncertain. The book is not only confined to advertising and selling but also to other elements of promotion mix such as sales promotion, publicity, direct marketing and public relations in order to provide an integrated marketing communication perspective. This book has been organized very systematically and intelligently into 27 chapters to allow a smooth flow of thoughts and ideas to enhance the readers interest

    Table of Content

    "Part 1 Introduction To Integrated Marketing Communication
    Chapter 1 Concept of Marketing
    Chapter 2 Integrated Marketing Communication

    Part 2 Product and Market Analysis
    Chapter 3 Understanding Customer Psychology and Behaviour
    Chapter 4 Selling of Products

    Part 3 Introduction to Advertising
    Chapter 5 History and Growth of Advertising
    Chapter 6 Functions, Types, and Role of Advertising

    Part 4 Making Advertising and Promotion Plan
    Chapter 7 Advertising and Promotion Plan
    Chapter 8 Advertising and Promotion Budget

    Part 5 Preparing Message
    Chapter 9 Advertising and Promotion Agencies
    Chapter 10 Advertising Research
    Chapter 11 Creativity in Advertising and Making Advertisement for Print Media
    Chapter 12 Making Advertisements for Broadcast and Other Media

    Part 6 Placing Message and Evaluating Media
    Chapter 13 Media Plan and Effectiveness
    Chapter 14 Types of Media

    Part 7 Introduction to Selling
    Chapter 15 Understanding the Concept of Selling
    Chapter 16 Sales Personality
    Chapter 17 Sales Channel

    Part 8 Steps in Selling Process
    Chapter 18 Meaning of Selling Process and Prospecting
    Chapter 19 Pre-approach and Approach
    Chapter 20 Presentation of the Solution
    Chapter 21 Overcoming Objections, Closing and After Sales Services

    Part 9 Managing Sales Organisation
    Chapter 22 Sales Organisation
    Chapter 23 Recruitment and Selection of Sales Personnel
    Chapter 24 Training of Salespersons
    Chapter 25 Compensating Salespersons
    Chapter 26 Motivating Salespersons
    Chapter 27 Controlling Salespersons "

    Salient Features

    Opening Vignette of the chapter arouses deep interest in various concepts through a real-life case study. Box Items: It provides detailed examples of Indian and multinational companies which help to broaden the readers' perspective and improve understanding. Case Study: Each chapter ends with a comprehensive case study dealing with challenges, issues and situations discussed in concepts to enable translation of theory into real world and also questions at the end of the case is intended to encourage critical and innovative thinking. Practical Projects for Students: Unique practical projects have been developed to help the students undertake hands-on exercises and field work to gain deeper comprehension of theoretical concepts. Cue Cards: A new types of supplementary material called cue cards are available online which will help students to understand and remember the technical jargons pertaining to each chapter."