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Business Environment

Business Environment

  • Shaikh Saleem
  • Author: Shaikh Saleem
    • ISBN:9789353948160
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9353948169
    • Price:Rs. 930.00
    • Pages:856
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Business Environment 4e, is a revised edition that presents in-depth knowledge with updated information about latest developments in the business environments in India. This book is useful to understand the ever-changing environment in which businesses operate. The dynamism of the liberalised industrial and trade environment, the change in government structure, plans and policies (domestic and international), the growing competition, and market forces that guide investment decisions—all of which impact the operations and profits of businesses, have been discussed to provide a comprehensive reading. The book covers the restructuring of the erstwhile Planning Commission and the formation of NITIE Aayog, its policies and objectives. The text has been carefully curated and updated to cater to the curriculum of Business Environment for B.Com, BBA, M.Com and MBA courses under the University Grants Commission outlined model. The book has a number of distinguishing features, including thorough discussions on the conceptual framework of each chapter, comprehensive coverage of government policies, and detailed, student-friendly discussions on liberalization, privatization, globalisation and the World Trade Organization. It is also useful for practicing managers for the latest data and interpretation to enhance their on-the-job understanding and knowledge of the business environment and its influence on their businesses.

    Table of Content

    "1 Business Environment 2 Industrial Policy 3 Industrial Licensing 4 India's Monetary and Fiscal Policy 5 Economic Trends 6 Stock Exchanges in India 7 National Income 8 Industrialisation and Economic Development 9 Foreign Trade Policy and Balance of Payments 10 Inflation 11 Human Development 12 Rural Development 13 Problems of Growth 14 Direct and Indirect Taxes 15 Business Ethics 16 Corporate Governance 17 Social Responsibility of Business 18 Liberalization 19 Privatization and Disinvestment of PSUs 20 Globalization 21 Foreign Investment 22 Multinational Corporations 23 India's Import–Export Policies 24 Special Economic Zones in India 25 International Business Environment 26 World Trade Organization GLOSSARY BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX ONLINE CHAPTERS 27 Planning in India 28 Poverty in India 29 Unemployment in India 30 FEMA, New Competition Policy & FCRA"

    Salient Features

    Each chapter updated with latest data · Latest policies and information incorporated · Case studies discussed to help analyse the complex issues encountered in real-life business situations · Recent business environment developments at national and international level · Restructuring of the Planning Commission and formation of NITIE Aayog · Summary of five-year plans · Recent political changes impacting political and economic environment have been dealt with"