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Fernando's Business Ethics and Corporate Governance


  • K P Muraleedharan
  • E K Satheesh
  • Author: K P Muraleedharan
    • ISBN:9789354497636
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9354497632
    • Price:Rs. 725.00
    • Pages:760
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Business Ethics and Corporate Governance offers readers a comprehensive coverage of the theories of business ethics and corporate governance. This book emphasizes the importance of ethical principles in overcoming ethical dilemmas in the highly dynamic business world of today. It also provides a details explanation of the corporate governance mechanism. Its constituents and its implementation in India and abroad. Numerous real-life examples and case studies presented in this book help in the comprehension of concepts and discussions around these cases provide a better understanding of real-life business practices. A comprehensive, realistic, innovative, and practical approach to the subject makes this book the most student-friendly text in the market.

    Table of Content


    Chapter 1 Business Ethics: An Overview

    Chapter 2 Concepts and Theories of Business Ethics

    Chapter 3 Ethical Dilemmas, Sources and their Resolutions

    Chapter 4 Ethical Decision-making in Business

    Chapter 5 Globalization and Business Ethics

    Chapter 6 Creating an Ethical Organization

    Chapter 7 Environmental Ethics

    Chapter 8 Corporate Ethics: Investors' Rights, Privileges,Problems and Protection

    Chapter 9 Handmaid of Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility

    Chapter 10 Marketing Ethics

    Chapter 11 Ethical Issues in Human Resource Management

    Chapter 12 Ethical Issues in Financial Management

    Chapter 13 Technology and Ethics


    Chapter 14 Corporate Governance: An Overview

    Chapter 15 Theories and Models of Corporate Governance

    Chapter 16 Initiatives in Corporate Governance: Global and National

    Chapter 17 Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Corporate Governance

    Chapter 18 Sharehoders and Other Stakeholders in Corporate Governance

    Chapter 19 The Role of Board of Directors in Corporate Governance

    Chapter 20 The Role of Auditors in Corporate Governance ONLINE CHAPTERS

    Chapter 21 Financial Reporting and Whistle Blowing Mechanism

    Chapter 22 Corporate Governance in the Public Sector and the Family Owned Companies: The Indian Scenario

    Chapter 23 Role of Government in Corporate Governance

    Chapter 24 Corporate Governance and Public Policy E.101

    Salient Features

    1. Comprehensive coverage of all relevant topics on the subject

    2. Updated examples and Case studies drawn from organizations based in India

    3. New examples and pedagogical features, adding more value and depth to the text's effective and consistent framework

    4. Learning tools such as Summary, Key words, Discussion questions and extensive referencing

    5. Four value additional online chapters are available for download from the link www.pearsoned.co.in/acfernando