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Financial Accounting for Managers

Financial Accounting for Managers

  • Ambrish Gupta
  • Author: Ambrish Gupta
    • ISBN:9789356060814
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9356060819
    • Price:Rs. 799.00
    • Pages:892
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    The seventh edition is written to incorporate the latest accounting standards, principles, and practices in corporate financial reporting and analysis prevailing in India, which are by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS). With the help of numerous illustrations, exercises as well as real-world examples, and case studies, the book will help enhance the readers' ability to attain conceptual clarity and learn accounting in practice.

    Table of Content

    "PART 1: THE FOUNDATION Chapter 1 Measurement of Profit and Financial Position: I Business Transactions to Recording in Journal Chapter 2 Measurement of Profit and Financial Position: II Journal to Trial Balance Chapter 3 Measurement of Profit and Financial Position: III Trial balance to Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account: Non-corporate Entities Chapter 4 Measurement of Profit and Financial Position: IV Corporate Entities Chapter 5 Vertical Financial Statements of Corporate Entities in Accordance with IFRS Converged Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) Schedule III Chapter 6 Specific Day Books PART 2: CONCEPTS AND PRINCIPLES Chapter 7 Conceptual Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements in Accordance with Indian Accounting Standards (Ind As) Chapter 8 GAAPs and Accounting Policies PART 3: ASSET VALUATION Chapter 9 Valuation of PPE, other Tangible Fixed Assets and Related Issues of Government Grants and Borrowing Costs Chapter 10 Depreciation on PPE and Other Tangible Fixed Assets Chapter 11 Valuation of ROU (Leased) Assets and Intangible Assets, Amortization and Asset Impairment Chapter 12 Valuation of Inventories Chapter 13 Financial Instruments: Financial Assets, Financial Liabilities and Investments PART 4: UNDERSTANDING THE ANNUAL REPORT Chapter 14 Ind-AS Financial Statements of Reliance Industries Limited along with Notes to Accounts and Significant Accounting Policies Chapter 15 Other Mandatory Financial Reports PART 5: FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS Chapter 16 Quality of Earnings: Window Dressing and Analyst Adjustments Chapter 17 Financial Statement Analysis and the Tool Kit of the Analyst: I Multi-step, Horizontal, Vertical and Trend Analyses Chapter 18 Financial Statement Analysis and the Tool Kit of the Analyst: II Earnings Per Share (EPS) Analysis Chapter 19 Financial Statement Analysis and the Tool Kit of the Analyst: III Ratio Analysis Chapter 20 Construction and Analysis of Corporate Statement of Cash Flows Chapter 21 Model for Strategic and Integrated Managerial Financial Analysis of Annual Report PART 6: MORE ON FINANCIAL REPORTING AND ANALYSIS Chapter 22 Corporate Financial Frauds Chapter 23 Analysis of Group Performance: Consolidated Financial Reporting Chapter 24 Advances in Financial Reporting Appendix 1: Present Value of an Annuity of Rupee 1 paid at the Year End Appendix 2: Present Value Factor of a Lump Sum (PVF) of Rupee 1 Index "

    Salient Features

    "• The entire text has been revised by the updates in standards and principles laid down in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and consequently, the Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS). • The focus has been on simplification, rationalization, and strengthening of the subject matter in virtually all the chapters through the inclusion of many additional exercises, illustrations, case studies, etc. • The book now contains 105 corporate cases against 76 in the previous edition. Of these, the majority pertain to MNCs as per the requirement of the curriculum. • Chapters 4, 5, 14, and 24 have been recrafted and revised thoroughly. • A new chapter on Corporate Financial Frauds (Chapter 22) has been added, covering a burning corporate governance issue. "