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Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Raj Rajkumar
  • Dionisio de Niz
  • Mark Klein
  • Author: Raj Rajkumar
    • ISBN:9789386873569
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9386873567
    • Price:Rs. 629.00
    • Pages:416
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    The only book of its kind, Cyber-Physical Systems addresses CPS from three perspectives. First, it presents the challenges and innovations associated with this class of systems as they have arisen in a wide spectrum of application domains. Second, it describes the foundations that underlie CPS solutions, both in terms of what we know and emerging research challenges. Finally, it offers offer guiding principles for all levels, from specific design and analysis advice for practitioners to high-level perspectives that can guide the direction of new innovations.


    Table of Content

    Part I: Cyber-Physical System Application Domains
    Chapter 1: Medical Cyber-Physical Systems
    Chapter 2: Energy Cyber-Physical Systems
    Chapter 3: Cyber-Physical Systems Built on Wireless Sensor Networks
    Part II: Foundations
    Chapter 4: Symbolic Synthesis for Cyber-Physical Systems
    Chapter 5: Software and Platform Issues in Feedback Control Systems
    Chapter 6: Logical Correctness for Hybrid Systems
    Chapter 7: Security of Cyber-Physical Systems
    Chapter 8: Synchronization in Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems
    Chapter 9: Real-Time Scheduling for Cyber-Physical Systems
    Chapter 10: Model Integration in Cyber-Physical Systems

    Salient Features

    Written by leaders in the field: a comprehensive guide to the latest research and practice, with contributions from several CPS pioneers
    Introduces the challenges, foundations, innovations, and drivers of CPS
    Offers guiding principles, from specific design and analysis advice to high-level perspectives
    Includes expert contributions from several of the field's pioneers"