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Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior

  • Michael R. Solomon
  • Author: Michael R. Solomon
    • ISBN:9789389552430
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9389552435
    • Price:Rs. 935.00
    • Pages:736
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
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    Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being 13e, deepens the study of consumer behavior into an investigation of how having (or not having) certain products and services affects our lives. The authors look at how possessions influence how we feel about ourselves and each other, especially in the canon of social media and the digital age.

    The edition is feature-rich, and includes revised and updated content to reflect major marketing trends and changes that impact the study of consumer behavior. Since we are all consumers, many of the topics have both professional and personal relevance to students, making it easy to apply them outside of the classroom. This content is also equipped with ample sets of discussion questions, application exercises and case studies to enable readers, especially students, to learn, understand and interpret the various aspects of consumer behavior. Of the many case studies, a few to mention are: 'Hey Alexa—What is Consumer Behaviour?' that reflects the rise of AI assistants and their implications for brand management 'Anti-Smoking Advertising—Can You Be Scared into Quitting?' that talks of persuasive attitude in advertising that discourages the use of products in contradiction to the product promotion aspect of advertising 'P&G and the Moments of Truth—Just How Many Moments Are There?' that discusses the influences on consumer decision making and the terms like FMOT, SMOT and ZMOT.


    Table of Content

    TOC: Section I Foundation of Consumer Behavior

    Chapter 1 Buying, Having, and Being: An Introduction to Consumer Behavior

    Chapter 2 Consumer Well-Being

    Section II Internal Influences on Consumer Behavior

    Chapter 3 Perception

    Chapter 4 Learning and Memory

    Chapter 5 Motivation and Affect

    Chapter 6 The Self: Mind, Gender, and Body

    Chapter 7 Personality, Lifestyles, and Values

    Section III Choosing and Using Products

    Chapter 8 Attitudes and Persuasive Communications

    Chapter 9 Decision Making

    Chapter 10 Buying, Using, and Disposing

    Section IV Consumers in Their Social and Cultural Settings

    Chapter 11 Group Influences and Social Media

    Chapter 12 Income and Social Class

    Chapter 13 Subcultures

    Chapter 14 Culture

    Appendix I: Careers in Consumer Research

    Appendix II: Research Methods

    Appendix III: Sources of Secondary Data

    Salient Features

    Features like ';Insights' have been incorporated to enhance the reading in relation to the concepts discussed in the main text. In addition, ';Indian Trends' segments depict the changing trends in consumer behavior peculiar to the Southeast Asian countries, specifically India