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ActiveTeach NumberLine Old Edition (1-5)

ActiveTeach NumberLine Old Edition (1-5) Author(s):
  • Hira Prasad
  • Author: Hira Prasad
      • I.C.S.E.
      • State Board

    ActiveTeach NumberLine is a blended-learning course in mathematics for classes 1 to 5. The series has been developed to comply with the syllabi of all major boards. It fulfils the objectives of teaching mathematics at the primary level more effectively. The series is based on an extensive feedback from teachers and employs dynamic and innovative teaching-learning techniques that stimulate and motivate young students to develop a passion for mathematics.
    Key Features
    · The platform can project, zoom, highlight or annotate every area of the digital book.
    · The easy navigation buttons help one to move quickly through one part of the digital content to the other.
    · The various resource icons indicate what lies embedded in the ActiveTeach digital book.
    · The series provides innumerable examples, illustrations, engaging animations, captivating videos, video-based tutorials, concept-enhancing audios, interesting slideshows, differentiated worksheets and a host of interactive activities.
    · Interesting games will help students learn in the play-way method.
    · Glossary section is equipped with illustrations and voice-overs that will help in building a strong foundation in mathematics.
    · Lesson and study plan will give teachers and students the option to explore beyond what is given and help them design their own plans.
    · Find Resources will help teachers get a list of available resources.
    · Dynamic Question Zone is an exclusive resource provided to teachers to help them create question papers.
    · The hotspot and curtain tools can be used to mask the page ively and offer emphasised learning.
    · Slideshows are provided for Warm Ups and Teacher&rsquos Tips.
    · Mental Maths Worksheets will enable the students to improve and accelerate their mental agility thereby motivate them to do the calculations rapidly.
    · A special section on Active Widgets contain interesting mathematics resources such as multiplication tables, well-known mathematicians, facts and formulae, word finder, 2D and 3D objects, virtual geometry box, convertor, calculator and stopwatch.

    List of Books

    ISBN Title Author / Editor Year Imprint Price Product Type
    9789332558052 ActiveTeach NumberLine 1 Hira Prasad 2016 Longman Rs. 325.00 Course Book
    9789332558069 ActiveTeach NumberLine 2 Hira Prasad 2016 Longman Rs. 325.00 Course Book
    9789332558076 ActiveTeach NumberLine 3 Hira Prasad 2016 Longman Rs. 365.00 Course Book
    9789332558083 ActiveTeach NumberLine 4 Hira Prasad 2016 Longman Rs. 365.00 Course Book
    9789332558090 ActiveTeach NumberLine 5 Hira Prasad 2016 Longman Rs. 365.00 Course Book