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Grammar Champ

Grammar Champ Author(s):
  • Ratna Dhar
  • Author: Ratna Dhar
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    Grammar Champ is a series of simple and graded grammar books for early learners which focus on teaching the basics of English grammar essential for understanding and correct usage of the language. While special care has been taken to keep the explanations of grammatical terms easy to understand with ample examples, the practice exercises have been designed to pose enough challenge to help hone the learner&rsquos intelligence in applying the grammatical concepts learnt.

    List of Books

    ISBN Title Author / Editor Year Imprint Price Product Type
    9789332539853 Grammar Champ 1 Ratna Dhar 2015 Longman Rs. 135.00 Course Book
    9789332539860 Grammar Champ 2 Ratna Dhar 2015 Longman Rs. 150.00 Course Book
    9789332539877 Grammar Champ 3 Ratna Dhar 2015 Longman Rs. 165.00 Course Book
    9789332539884 Grammar Champ 4 Ratna Dhar 2015 Longman Rs. 190.00 Course Book
    9789332539891 Grammar Champ 5 Ratna Dhar 2015 Longman Rs. 200.00 Course Book