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Longman ICSE Maths 6-8

Longman ICSE Maths 6-8 Author(s):
  • V.K Sehgal
  • Author: V.K Sehgal
      Level: Middle

    Longman ICSE Mathematics, a series comprising three textbooks for classes 6 to 8, is based on the latest syllabi of the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education. All the topics covered in the books have been developed in a manner that emphasises the discovery, understanding and reasoning of the mathematical concepts and also connects abstract concepts to real-life situations. Plenty of solved examples and numerous exercise questions make the textbooks ideal for learning, practising, and then revising the topics covered.
    Key Features
    • Unit Diagnostic Test at the beginning of a unit includes preparatory questions to provide the link with concepts already learnt in previous classes
    • Learning Objectives list the chapter goals defining the scope of study
    • Distinctly-categorised Solved Examples include a variety of questions with step-by-step solutions
    • Properly highlighted definitions and formulae
    • Do You Know? provides interesting mathematical facts relating to the topic at hand
    • Think and Answer, interspersed within the text, contains objective-type questions that require logic and understanding to crack
    • Note placed appropriately within the chapters stresses on important points and concepts
    • Exercises to practice solving questions on concepts learnt
    • Remember lists all the mathematical facts and formulae learnt in the chapter
    • Be Careful! points out some common mistakes to be avoided
    • Revision Exercise, at the end of each chapter, contains questions from all the topics of the chapter to reinforce learning
    • Real-life Connect at the end of every chapter brings out the application of Mathematics in everyday life
    • Each unit ends with a Unit Revision Test meant for practice and further reinforcement
    • Model Test Papers, at the end of the book, for additional practice and revision

    List of Books

    ISBN Title Author / Editor Year Imprint Price Product Type
    9788131764770 Longman ICSE Mathematics Book 6 V.K Sehgal 2012 Longman Rs. 300.00 Course Book
    9788131764787 Longman ICSE Mathematics Book 7 V.K Sehgal 2012 Longman Rs. 330.00 Course Book
    9788131764794 Longman ICSE Mathematics Book 8 V.K Sehgal 2012 Longman Rs. 370.00 Course Book