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e-world for ICSE 6-8 (Revised Edition)

e-world for ICSE 6-8 (Revised Edition) Author(s):
  • Anita Goel
  • Sanchayan Ray
  • Author: Anita Goel
      • I.C.S.E.

     e-world is a carefully graded Computer Science series consisting of 3 books for classes 6 to 8. It extensively covers the syllabi for ICSE and Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education.

    This series is written in a lucid and student-friendly style. Care has been taken to include information about the latest technological developments in the field of computers. Performing various tasks in Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 has been taught in a step-wise and systematic manner. The programming concepts and fundamentals have been presented with numerous example codes and test runs, thereby making the books conducive for self-study. All the topics have been explained with suitable screenshots, figures, diagrams and tables, wherever appropriate. The new chapters on C++ and Java have been included in Book 8. With a variety of questions and chapter-end exercises, the books provide the necessary and required emphasis on the hands-on and practical aspects of the subject. 

    List of Books

    ISBN Title Author / Editor Year Imprint Price Product Type
    9789332536937 e-world 6 (ICSE, Rev) Anita Goel 2015 Longman Rs. 270.00 Course Book
    9789332536944 e-world 7 (ICSE, Rev) Anita Goel 2015 Longman Rs. 285.00 Course Book
    9789332536951 e-world 8 (ICSE, Rev) Anita Goel 2015 Longman Rs. 300.00 Course Book