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Our higher education division is a market leader in the disciplines of engineering, science, mathematics, business, economics, the humanities and the social sciences. We create a complete learning experience through textual pedagogy, CD and Web-based supplements, and instructor support. We have also adapted our tried-and-tested original titles to be more accessible, interesting and affordable, especially to the students in South Asia. In addition, we have published customized editions for universities and institutions to cater even more specifically to the requirements of our readers.

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ISBN Title Author Year Imprint
9788131774342 Business Ethics: An Indian Perspective, 2/e A.C. Fernando 2013 Pearson Education
9788131791936 Developing Leadership Abilities Arthur H. Bell 2013 Pearson Education
9789332547520 Operations Management : Theory and Practice B. Mahadevan 2015 Pearson Education
9789332518001 Indian Financial System Bharati V. Pathak 2014 Pearson Education
9789332534452 Total Quality Management (2 Color) Dale H. Besterfield 2015 Pearson Education
9789332536630 Sustainable Marketing Diane Martin 2014 Pearson Education
9788131774205 Cases in Corporate Strategy Dileep Saptarshi 2015 Pearson Education
9789332518339 An Experiential Approach to Organization Development Donald R. Brown 2014 Pearson Education
9789332551855 Quality Management Donna C.S. Summers 2015 Pearson Education
9789332535404 Strategic Management,1/e Dr.Jacob Thomas 2015 Pearson Education
9789332518155 Performance Management Herman Aguinis 2014 Pearson Education
9789332550094 Essentials of Strategic Management J. David Hunger 2015 Pearson Education
9789332550155 Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage Jay B. Barney 2015 Pearson Education
9789332551992 Strategic Staffing Jean M. Phillips 2015 Pearson Education
9789332518377 Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications Kenneth E. Clow 2014 Pearson Education
9789332547988 Systems Analysis and Design Kenneth E. Kendall 2016 Pearson Education
9789332511194 Leadership and Management Development: Developing Tomorrow's Managers Kevin Dalton 2013 Pearson Education
9789332511187 Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers Mik Wisniewski 2013 Pearson Education
9789332518216 Managerial Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets Nagraj Balakrishnan 2014 Pearson Education
9788131762264 Entrepreneurship Development and Small Business Enterprises Poornima M Charantimath 2014 Pearson Education
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